Top Reasons Fiberglass Pools Make an Excellent Choice

Even with the growing popularity of Gunite and concrete, many homeowners prefer fiberglass pools. When you compare the types of pools, you see that those made of fiberglass have some unique characteristics and benefits. If you plan to have a pool built in your backyard, look over the top reasons why these are an excellent choice.

  • Easy Installation – Although you need to hire a professional pool builder to install a fiberglass pool in your backyard, the process is relatively easy overall. For instance, when installing a vinyl liner pool, the builder must work with optimal ambient water temperature. Otherwise, the liner wrinkles. With a concrete pool, builders can only work in the right outside conditions. When it comes to pools made of fiberglass, few things affect installation.
  • Low Maintenance – Without question, fiberglass pools are easy to maintain. By following the builder’s instructions, you will have no problem keeping the pool in pristine condition.
  • Easy on the Feet – While many people like concrete pools, the problem is that the material is hard on feet. In fact, some people with sensitive skin end up with cuts and bruises. In comparison, the smooth texture of fiberglass pools does not cause foot pain.
  • Algae Growth – As a porous material, concrete pools are notorious for algae problems. Because pools made of fiberglass have a smooth surface, they never harbor algae growth.
  • Less Hassle – Typically, concrete pools need acid washing every two to three years, as well as resurfacing after about 15 years. The liner of vinyl pools needs replacing every seven to 10 years for most brands. Because fiberglass pools do not require the same specialized care, they are less of a hassle to own.
  • Saltwater – In recent years, an increasing number of people have turned to saltwater. If you prefer that over chlorinated water, then a pool made of fiberglass is perfect since it works incredibly well with salt chlorine generators.

Landscaping Tips for a Small Backyard

A common misconception is that small backyards are difficult to landscape. With little space to work with, homeowners often miss incredible opportunities to create a relaxing oasis. If you have a small backyard area, the tips provided will help you make the right landscaping decisions. That way, you can spend quality time outdoors relaxing, reading a book, having a cup coffee in the morning, or whatever you want to do.

  • Go Vertical – With limited horizontal space, take advantage of vertical surfaces. If you have a wood privacy fence going around the perimeter of your yard, use it to hang flowers and potted greenery. You can also attach a unique planter box to the flat side of the fence for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Avoid Blocking the View – You want unique elements that do not block your view. For example, have a simple pergola or arbor built over a concrete slab. The beautiful latticework and hanging pots will give you the landscaping element you want without blocking out the sun and other areas around the yard.
  • Unique Zones – Use zones to break up areas. For easy access from one zone to another, have decorative concrete pathways built.
  • Use Color Wisely – Another excellent landscaping tip is to place brighter and bolder colors where you can see them. What happens is that muted plants and flowers appear to recede, creating the illusion of having a larger backyard space.
  • Centralized Focus – Create a circular area where you can gather with family and friends around a centralized feature. Your options include a fire pit or water fountain.
  • Textured Foliage – Even for an extra-small backyard, oversized textured foliage looks incredible. Palms, banana trees, and other large-leafed trees and plants help change the scale of the yard. Not only does this make the space feel larger but it also creates interest.
  • Nooks and Crannies – The final landscaping tip is to utilize every nook and cranny. In a small area next to the air conditioning unit, you can place a trellis with brightly colored flowers.

Essential Factors to Consider When Coming Up with a Unique Pool Design

Even if you have a unique pool design in your head, there are several factors to consider before you can bring it to fruition. After all, you want to make 100 percent sure that the pool you have installed meets your expectations.

Backyard Space – The first thing you need to consider is the available space in your backyard. As you can imagine, that will determine the size and shape of the pool you end up having built. Even with limited space, an expert pool builder can produce some extraordinary concepts.

Pool Usage – You also need to think about how you plan to use the pool. For instance, if you want a pool primarily for exercise, the length may be more important than the depth. With that, you can enjoy taking morning or evening laps. On the other hand, if you plan to have a pool for family and friends to enjoy, then you probably want both a shallow and a deep end.

 Type of Pool – There are many distinct types of pools, each with unique characteristics. These include a vinyl liner, concrete, fiberglass, and Gunite.

 Features and Amenities – Perhaps one of the most significant decisions you need to make when choosing a pool design is the addition of features and amenities. While some of this has to do with the budget, you also need to factor in usage. Although you have multiple options, some of the most popular include a diving board, slide, waterfall, fountain or geyser, swim-through cave, and adjoining Jacuzzi. However, an expert pool builder can do most anything. Other options include installing a concrete in-pool bar and seating, fiber optic lights, and even beautiful landscaping elements.

Safety – A professional builder can also address any safety concerns as part of the unique pool design. If you have small children and pets, a perimeter fence with a locked gate is essential.

The Stages of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool is an excellent choice. In fact, for many people in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as those on the other side of the river, this type of pool has become the preferred choice. Although a professional pool builder will do all of the work when installing a pool like this in your backyard, as a homeowner, you should understand some of the basics, including the various stages of installation.

Different Stages

  1. Layout – The builder designs the pool and determines the layout based on size and configuration. Before moving to the second stage, let the builder know about your plans for lighting and landscaping, as that could affect the pool’s placement.
  2. Excavation – A backhoe and other machinery dig out the dirt where the fiberglass pool will go. The amount of digging depends on the pool’s size and depth.
  3. Floor – Using sand, the builder creates a floor. On top of that, he sets up screed bars to serve as guides for slope. Combined, these serve as the base of the pool.
  4. Placement – With the fiberglass pool delivered, a crane lifts and places it in the prepared hole. Once lowered, the builder makes sure it is perfectly level. 
  5. Back Filling – Using either a sand and cement mixture, crusher dust, or gravel, the void space around the pool is back-filled. As part the back-filling phase, added water creates stability and equal pressure.
  6. Plumbing – A plumber fits a skimmer box to the deep end of your new fiberglass pool and runs the necessary length of PVC pipe for filtration. He then sets the salt chlorinator and pump filter, followed by returning the piping to the shallow end of the pool.
  7.  Deck – The last stage of installing a fiberglass pool consists of pouring the concrete deck and covering the pool coping. When completely dry, you can have a decorative concrete overlay applied to give the pool personality and character.

Choosing a Safe Pool Deck Option

Even though swimming is a fun activity, thousands of children and adults sustain injuries every year while on the pool deck. These incidents fall into one of four main categories. First is a lack of supervision. There are also diving-related accidents, problems faulty pool equipment, and accidents resulting from a slippery or damaged pool deck.

If you have a pool in your backyard or own a hotel, fitness center, or some other business, it is imperative that children have constant supervision, that no one takes risks while going off the diving board, and that you have all equipment checked for proper function and safety. Along with that, make sure you have a pool deck that people can walk on without slipping or burning the bottoms of their feet.

Top Choices

Unfortunately, a bad fall can lead to sprains and strains or, even worse, broken bones and head trauma. For the sake of enjoyment and to ensure the safety of people who visit, consider the two best pool deck solutions.

  • Epoxy – Some people think this concrete coating is only for garage floors. The fact is that it works incredibly well around pools as well. You can choose from a broad range of colors and even have flakes added for something extra-special. With a textured surface or by adding aggregates, an epoxy coating becomes slip-resistant, which significantly lowers the risk of slips and falls. This coating is also cool to the touch, preventing accidental burns.
  • Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete is another excellent choice for a pool deck. Along with beautiful colors, you can select a specific pattern. Depending on the preferred look, you can opt to have the deck mirror natural materials like wood, river rock, cobblestones, slate, flagstone, brick, and more. The custom texture looks amazing and, again, prevents accidental falls.

Whether you prefer a traditional look or want a pool deck with vibrant colors and unique designs, the right system will surpass your expectations. Regardless of your choice, having the surface textured or aggregates added to the formula dramatically improves safety.

When Is It Time to Replace a Pool Liner?

If you have a vinyl liner pool, be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. Although that will help the pool liner last a long time, usually 8 to 12 years, at some point, it will need to be replaced. As the homeowner, you should know some of the reasons why liners deteriorate. If you catch these issues early enough, there is a good chance that you can have the problem repaired. Otherwise, you need to install a new one.

The following are some of the primary reasons a pool liner deteriorates:

  • Age of the pool liner
  • Quality of the liner
  • How often people use the pool
  • Chemicals for cleaning and maintenance
  • Degree of sun exposure
  • Weather conditions

Warning Signs

  • Cracks and Tears – Usually, tiny cracks and tears are the first signs of trouble. While they may not seem critical to the naked eye, they allow water to leak out and stress the entire liner. To determine if the liner of your pool has any small cracks or tears, monitor the water level for about 10 days to see if it goes down.
  • Staining and Fading – Even high-quality liners fade due to sun exposure and chemical use. However, a significant degree of fading could indicate deterioration. As for stains, some will have no impact on the pool’s level of performance, whereas, large rust or algae stains can cause problems. Along with being unsightly, oversized stains like these also lead to
  • Stretching and Slippage – If there is an issue with stretching, you will notice either the top edge of the liner or the liner bead slipping out of place. When liners lose their elasticity, they begin to sag, which causes water to drain. If a pool liner stretches to the point that you cannot get it back on the track, it needs to be replaced.

Popular Color Choices for Gunite Pools in 2018

With incredible versatility, a growing number of home and business owners in Overland Park, KS, choose Gunite pools. As a result, they can select a design and shape that fits their backyard space and enhances the landscaping and architectural features of the home. With this type of swimming pool, people can also personalize the look by using a colored finish material.

As with many things, color trends for Gunite pools change every year. For 2018, you have many fresh ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind look that your neighbors envy. Whether you spend time with your family, have friends over, or even entertain clients, you can choose a color that will enhance your home and backyard space while making everyone feel welcomed.

Although there are no limitations as to what you can do, consider some of the hottest color trends for Gunite pools this year.

  • Tropical – For a tropical vibe, keep the water aqua and add a sandstone shimmer.
  • Romantic – If you want to create a romantic setting, maintain dark blue water enhanced with a blackish-blue shimmer.
  • Contemporary – Overland Park, KS, has an array of home styles, including modern. You can give your pool a contemporary look that matches the home with medium gray water and a darker gray shimmer finish.
  • Traditional – If you prefer a more traditional look, a shimmer finish that blends royal blue and jade for medium aqua water is perfect.

 Ocean-Like – You can even choose ocean colors. For instance, you could go with a light blue finish for medium blue water, or a darker blue finish over a slightly darker ocean blue water. The other option is to maintain dark blue water and combine it with a royal blue shimmer finish.

As you can see, colors for Gunite pools run the gamut. Also on the top of the list are sage, slate, seafoam, and icy blue.

Landscaping Tips for a Backyard with a Massive-Sized Swimming Pool

You may not realize that one of the most talented and respected pool builders calls Overland Park, Kansas, home. Not only does this company design and build incredible pools, but it also helps home and business owners with lighting and landscaping needs. If you have a massive pool in your backyard, you might think you have no options for vegetation. But that’s not true.

Instead of planting trees, flowers, and plants that overcrowd an already tight space, you can choose unique options. The pool builder can erect a tiered wall where you can plant row after row of flowers and greenery vertically instead of horizontally. Another possibility is to use hanging plants. In fact, you can even grow fruits and vegetables in hanging containers.

Another landscaping tip is to have the pool builder create recessed areas going around the perimeter of the deck. You can set potted vegetation in the holes to enhance the pool area. Then, in the winter, all you need to do is lift the containers out of the recesses and store them until the following spring.

An arbor built over or next to the decking is another way to incorporate landscaping elements into a backyard with an extra-large swimming pool. With rows of timber, you can hang baskets of colorful flowers to brighten up your outdoor space. Since it doesn’t have an actual cover, the arbor will not block out the sun for people enjoying the water or sunbathing on the pool deck.

Although temperatures in Overland Park, Kansas, are too cold for palm trees, the pool builder can plant other slender and tall trees. Because they require limited space, you could have them placed near a wall to make your backyard more beautiful. As you can see from these few examples, the right pool builder can accomplish more than you ever imagined with landscaping, even with a massive-sized swimming pool.

Hottest Trends in Outdoor Spas at Overland Park, Kansas, Hotels

Although Overland Park, Kansas, is roughly 40 minutes from KCI International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, it is a hub for business conferences, symposiums, trade shows, and other events. For that reason, this city boasts some of the most beautiful hotels on both sides of the river. That means that owners face fierce competition. To stand out, many now follow the hottest trends for outdoor spas.

With innovatively designed outdoor spas, hotel business owners can offer guests a relaxing experience in both the winter and summer. Overland Park, Kansas, has frigid temperatures and snow during the winter, and a hot, humid climate during the summer. Owners need to consider spas that work for both environments. One way to accomplish that is by having a retractable dome installed to keep snow and sunlight off the hotel guests while they are enjoying time outdoors.

People on honeymoons or taking luxury weekend getaways also stay at the best hotels in Overland Park, Kansas. Owners need to look at trends for outdoor spas that can accommodate these people’s needs. Underwater LED lighting is one option that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Another hot trend for outdoor spas this year are fountains. A professional pool builder can create anything based on what the owner wants. One example is a spa surrounded by beautiful decorative concrete and a wall with an enhanced design as the backdrop. Warm water filters through several sprouts on the wall and into the spa below.

Hotel owners can look at different cascading waterfall designs as well. You can choose water that flows down a staggered rock design and goes into the spa. Not only does the warmth of the water relax and soothe the body, but the sound of water trickling down the rocks also makes the space more comfortable. To make an impression and entice guests to your Overland Park, Kansas, hotel, consider these and other hot trends for outdoor spas.

6 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl-Liner Pools

Although both fiberglass and Gunite pools continue to be top choices, there are still plenty of reasons for choosing vinyl-liner pools. In fact, as you look over six of the primary benefits, you might change your mind as to the type of pool you want. If nothing else, it gives you yet another option to consider.

  1. More Advanced – Compared to vinyl-liner pools from years ago, those available today are far more advanced. In addition to superior-quality materials and improved bracing systems, pool builders have more knowledge and skills for a seamless installation.
  2. Decking – A reputable pool builder can use solid I-braces and structurally sound resin walls that support a surrounding deck, water features, landscaping, lighting, and more. As a result, you will end up with a durable pool along with different amenities that make the time spent outdoors more enjoyable.
  3. Multiple Shapes – When first introduced, vinyl-liner pools came in one shape, rectangular. While that was not necessarily a bad thing, it lacked creativity. For some homeowners with small or oddly shaped backyards, it made installation difficult, if not impossible. Now, these pools come in a host of different shapes, including customized options.
  4. Color Choices – The first vinyl-liner pools were aqua. Depending on the color of the house, as well as other backyard structures and even the landscaping, these pools could stick out and not in a positive way. Today, you have endless possibilities for color.
  5. Patterns – Along with incredible color choices, vinyl-liner pools come in a broad range of patterns. You can select something that enhances the architectural features of the home, complements the landscaping, or works beautifully with custom tile installed around the waterline.
  6. Durable and Flexible – The material used for vinyl-liner pools today is both durable and flexible. When built by a reputable company and cared for properly, this type of pool can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. In fact, the material has improved so much that these pools are forgiving, even in harsh climates.