What to Expect for Construction of Gunite Pools in Kansas City

Gunite pools in Kansas City are more than just a type of personal recreation; they’re a lifestyle change. With these pools, an ordinary backyard literally transforms into a personal oasis. These pools are fun, relaxing, and excellent for getting exercise. If you are in the market for something unique, a Gunite pool surrounded by lush landscaping will enhance your home and life.



Gunite Pool in Kansas

Introduction to Gunite Pools

For Gunite pools in Kansas City, the professionals from Premier Pools and Spas form the pool using high-quality wood or plywood within the excavated area. Often referred to as a “temporary pool,” the experts create an “frame” of the interior that is larger than what the completed pool will be allowing for a wall thickness that is typically between 6 and 8 inches.

Once the wooden frame of the Gunite pool is finished, rebar is used to line the inside. Keep in mind that according to requirements by law, the actual spacing varies. In most cases, it will consist of 3/8 to 3/4 of an inch of steel in a square grid-type pattern at 8- to 10-inch centers.

The reinforced steel remains centered within the wall yet away from the bottom of the deepest part of the excavated floor. Enough space is allowed so the recirculation system can be installed. Now, the interior of the Gunite pool will be pneumatically sprayed with a mix of pool gravel, cement, and water, formed into the basic shape of the pool walls.

The Gunite pool will be sprayed down with a dry mix of material under pressure, water is then added by the pool installer because the gunite mixture has to be mixed at a precise percentage in order to cure and set correctly.

After gunite is placed, the installation team forms the gunite using specialty tools and trowels.  The finish is purposefully left rough to the touch, in order to leave a prepared surface for the plaster to adhere properly.

Because of the technique and materials used, gunite pools are very unique and require a lot of skill to ensure a quality installation and durable shell for the in ground pool.   These pools are simply gorgeous, and because of the way they are installed, they are guaranteed to provide many years of enjoyment.

What You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Swimming Pools in Kansas

Although there are distinct similarities among all swimming pools, there are different considerations when it comes to having one built, especially from a geographical standpoint. In other words, justifying the installation of pools in California, Arizona, or Florida is going to be unique from swimming pools in Kansas.


Special Considerations

Some of the specific considerations when it comes to swimming pools in Kansas include:

  • Length of Enjoyment – Swimming pools in Kansas cannot be enjoyed year-round like those in warmer climate states. Because of this, you need to start by determining if a pool is a realistic investment. If you are OK swimming for just a portion of the year or can afford to invest in a good heating system, then the price of a pool is worthwhile.
  • Types of Pools – The exact type of pool must also be determined. You can have a lavish concrete swimming pool designed and installed by the professionals with Premier Pools and Spas or go with something simpler. There is also the option of a fiberglass pool, which is pre-molded and installed as a one-piece unit. Although aboveground pools are also a possibility, in Kansas, concrete and fiberglass tend to be stronger and more durable.
  •  Construction Time – Although the amount of snowfall varies from one region of Kansas to another, during the wintertime, the climate throughout the state is cold. This creates challenges pertaining to the length of time for construction, regardless of pool type. This is most important for concrete pools, since this material requires certain temperatures to set and cure. Other factors that impact the installation time include the complexity of the design and size.
  •  Hiring a Professional – Because there are fewer professional pool companies in Kansas, you need to choose wisely. Fortunately, Premier Pools and Spas in Shawnee has a long history of excellence in both products and service. Having built more than 30,000 custom pools, this company understands the unique challenges associated with swimming pools in Kansas.