The Stages of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool is an excellent choice. In fact, for many people in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as those on the other side of the river, this type of pool has become the preferred choice. Although a professional pool builder will do all of the work when installing a pool like this in your backyard, as a homeowner, you should understand some of the basics, including the various stages of installation.

Different Stages

  1. Layout – The builder designs the pool and determines the layout based on size and configuration. Before moving to the second stage, let the builder know about your plans for lighting and landscaping, as that could affect the pool’s placement.
  2. Excavation – A backhoe and other machinery dig out the dirt where the fiberglass pool will go. The amount of digging depends on the pool’s size and depth.
  3. Floor – Using sand, the builder creates a floor. On top of that, he sets up screed bars to serve as guides for slope. Combined, these serve as the base of the pool.
  4. Placement – With the fiberglass pool delivered, a crane lifts and places it in the prepared hole. Once lowered, the builder makes sure it is perfectly level. 
  5. Back Filling – Using either a sand and cement mixture, crusher dust, or gravel, the void space around the pool is back-filled. As part the back-filling phase, added water creates stability and equal pressure.
  6. Plumbing – A plumber fits a skimmer box to the deep end of your new fiberglass pool and runs the necessary length of PVC pipe for filtration. He then sets the salt chlorinator and pump filter, followed by returning the piping to the shallow end of the pool.
  7.  Deck – The last stage of installing a fiberglass pool consists of pouring the concrete deck and covering the pool coping. When completely dry, you can have a decorative concrete overlay applied to give the pool personality and character.