Helpful Tips for Keeping Fiberglass Pools in Pristine Condition

Although both vinyl liner and Gunite pools take their share of the market, a lot of home and business owners in Overland Park, KS, prefer fiberglass pools. After all, for an expert, installation requires little time and effort, freeing up more of your summer to swim or relax on the deck.

Also, because of the material, fiberglass pools are easy on the feet. Instead of scraping them on the bottom as happens with other pool materials, you and your guests can jump around without worrying about scrapes. Even better, this particular type of pool does not harbor algae, so there is no issue with getting an infection from tiny cuts.

However, the fact that fiberglass pools are low maintenance is one of the biggest attractions for homeowners in Overland Park, KS. Most homeowners in this specific part of Johnson County work outside the home. In fact, it is common for both parents to hold full-time jobs. Returning after a busy day, the last thing they want to do is mess with the pool. Instead, they would much rather change into their swimsuits and trunks, and dive into the cool, refreshing water.

If you have this type of pool in your backyard, you can keep it in perfect condition with just a few easy-to-follow tips. For example, only use high-quality cleaning products made specifically for fiberglass pools. Also, check the chemical level of the water regularly, run the pool filter, which will do a lot of the work for you, and always keep the water line above the skimmer.

These things, along with clearing any debris from the surface and vacuuming, unless you have an automatic system, ensure the water remains crystal clear. Usually, homeowners in Overland Park, KS, spend about 30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday and 15 minutes once or twice a week to maintain the cleanliness of their fiberglass pools.

How the Right Landscape Lighting Can Turn Your Backyard into Everyone’s Favorite Party Space

Do you enjoy throwing parties for family members and friends? Do most of your events include fun in and around the pool? If you want to make your backyard everyone’s favorite party space, it is essential that you remember to focus on landscape lighting. Especially if you invite people over after dark, you want to create an area that looks fun but also enhances the overall safety.

For starters, take advantage of space above the ground. In other words, you can have beautiful and festive lights hung around your patio or even special design fixtures from trees. Although this type of landscape lighting typically has subtle illumination, it makes a backyard look festive and offers just enough lighting to help people see where they are walking.

Potted planters that also serve as landscape lighting is yet another excellent idea. With this, you can place the dual-purpose planters along walkways and around the perimeter of the pool deck. When throwing backyard parties, you can add vibrantly-colored plants and greenery to the pots and then use the illumination after dusk to bring the gathering to life.

Perhaps one of the most creative options for landscape lighting is what appears as split logs with light shining through. If you have a house out in the country or you decorated the backyard space with a more casual or Southwest décor, this is perfect. The logs look amazing, give off a soft glow, and your guests can even use them to sit on, ideal when hosting a large party.

Landscape Lighting

Swimming Pool in Kansas City Landscape Lighting

Instead of more traditional pole lighting, have an expert install lights on poles that blend in with your wooden fence. What makes this option ideal for parties is that it gives off plenty of illumination, yet it does not take up any space. For instance, if you have a smaller backyard, you can enhance its overall appeal but without having an overcrowding problem.