Landscaping Tips for a Small Backyard

A common misconception is that small backyards are difficult to landscape. With little space to work with, homeowners often miss incredible opportunities to create a relaxing oasis. If you have a small backyard area, the tips provided will help you make the right landscaping decisions. That way, you can spend quality time outdoors relaxing, reading a book, having a cup coffee in the morning, or whatever you want to do.

  • Go Vertical – With limited horizontal space, take advantage of vertical surfaces. If you have a wood privacy fence going around the perimeter of your yard, use it to hang flowers and potted greenery. You can also attach a unique planter box to the flat side of the fence for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Avoid Blocking the View – You want unique elements that do not block your view. For example, have a simple pergola or arbor built over a concrete slab. The beautiful latticework and hanging pots will give you the landscaping element you want without blocking out the sun and other areas around the yard.
  • Unique Zones – Use zones to break up areas. For easy access from one zone to another, have decorative concrete pathways built.
  • Use Color Wisely – Another excellent landscaping tip is to place brighter and bolder colors where you can see them. What happens is that muted plants and flowers appear to recede, creating the illusion of having a larger backyard space.
  • Centralized Focus – Create a circular area where you can gather with family and friends around a centralized feature. Your options include a fire pit or water fountain.
  • Textured Foliage – Even for an extra-small backyard, oversized textured foliage looks incredible. Palms, banana trees, and other large-leafed trees and plants help change the scale of the yard. Not only does this make the space feel larger but it also creates interest.
  • Nooks and Crannies – The final landscaping tip is to utilize every nook and cranny. In a small area next to the air conditioning unit, you can place a trellis with brightly colored flowers.