Choosing the Correct Pool Liner Replacement

There is no better way to maximize the use of your outdoor space than having an outdoor pool. While outdoor pools are great, they do require a certain degree of regular maintenance, and you will eventually have to replace your pool liner. When it comes time for a pool liner replacement, be sure to make Premier Pools and Spas of KC your first stop.

When Is a Pool Liner Replacement Necessary?

When installed correctly, a high-quality pool liner should last you for 10 to 12 years – that is, as long as you keep up with routine pool maintenance. Some of the signs that it might be time to replace your pool liner could include cracks or tears in the liner, probably the result of sun exposure and pool chemicals. These same things can also lead to stains or fading of the pool liner – this is primarily a cosmetic issue, but it could eventually cause the liner to become brittle. Other signs that a replacement is needed include slipping, stretching, and water loss due to a tear or puncture in the lining.

Pool Liner Replacement Options

If you find yourself in need of a pool liner replacement, there are a number of different options to consider. Vinyl pool liners are by far one of the most popular options, but even they come in different forms. Overlap vinyl pool liners are installed along the top rail of the pool and clipped in place. Expandable vinyl pool liners can be stretched over the pool frame, as long as it was designed to use this type of liner. Beaded vinyl pool liners are designed to snap into a track running around the interior of the pool wall.

When it comes to choosing the right pool liner replacement, there are several factors to consider. For example, some liners are designed only for use with above ground pools while others are made for in-ground pools. Pool liners also come in differing thicknesses; thicker liners tend to last longer – some can last 12 years or more. Finally, consider the time of year you will be making the replacement. Pool liners tend to adhere better during the summer, when they are the most elastic – winter is not a good time to make the replacement.

When it comes to pool liner replacements in Kansas, there is no better name to trust than Premier Pools and Spas. Our skilled staff members will be able to help you choose a replacement pool liner, and we are always on-call to answer your questions.

Planning a Spring Makeover for Your Pool with Your Kansas City Pool Builder

When it comes to transforming your property and taking advantage of outdoor space, there is no better option than a custom pool. Building a pool is no easy task, however, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the professionals on your side by hiring a qualified Kansas City pool builder, like Premier Pools and Spas.

Hiring a Kansas City Pool Builder

Revamping a pool is certainly not an easy task. However, a qualified pool builder will know what it takes to transform your backyard into the ultimate summer oasis. Simply put, a pool builder is the key to helping you achieve the pool of your dreams.

With the help of a Kansas City pool builder, you can give your pool a spring makeover with just a few simple updates. For example, you can try adding some landscaping around your pool or build a decorative concrete patio to match your pool deck. Another option is to re-tile your pool – the spring is the perfect time to make this upgrade, because the project will be ready by the time it is warm enough for swimming. If you really want to give your pool new life, consider upgrading your pool deck with a decorative concrete overlay – you can choose from a wide variety of stamps, stains, and dyes, plus colored and textured finishes.

When it comes to building and installing custom pools, no name is bigger than Premier Pools and Spas of Kansas City. With more than six decades of experience in the pool-building industry, you can count on us to get the job done right. Make your dreams come true this spring with a makeover for your in-ground pool.

Why You Should Get a Fiberglass Pool

Are you looking to beautify your home and get more from your yard by adding in a pool? If so, you may already know that there are more options available for one than ever before. While you should definitely take your time to consider each one, fiberglass pool installations should be an easy choice.

For one thing, fiberglass pools are actually flexurally stronger than the traditional concrete versions. This may surprise you. Concrete is known for how strong it can be, no matter what kind of weather Overland Park, Kansas experiences. However, fiberglass is not only plenty strong in its own right, it’s also very flexible. This makes it great for an aboveground pool, but it will also stand up to cracking and pressure from below ground level too. In Kansas, where temperatures fluctuate greatly between winter and summer, makes flexibility incredibly important.

They’re also very affordable to maintain as well. Installing a pool is never going to be cheap, but many people end up spending more money than they had bargained for when they find out how much it costs every month to keep a pool clean and in decent shape. Fortunately, fiberglass pools require little in the way of chemicals and other types of cleaning products.

Most people would also agree that fiberglass pool installations simply look better as well. If you remember them from the 70s and 80s, you’ll be glad to know how far this kind of pool has come. These days, you can find them in every color under the sun, giving homeowners plenty of options, to say nothing of the different patterns available too.

You won’t be waiting through the entire summer to get your new pool either. Fiberglass pool installations may be the fastest of any in-ground option. Most times, it will take less than two weeks between the time ground is first broken and you’re doing your first backstroke.

Finally, you never have to worry that you’ll love a fiberglass pool with the kinds of cuts and scrapes you may be used to getting in traditional concrete pools. You’ll be able to walk along it and pull yourself up the sides—even if your knees make contact—without any pain whatsoever.

These are just some of the many reasons fiberglass pool installations have become so popular in Overland Park, Kansas. If you’d like a pool on your property, then, do yourself a favor and go with fiberglass.

What Are Gunite Pools?

If you are in the market for a swimming pool, you may be surprised by how many there are for you to choose from. It’s definitely worth your time looking into this though, as you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing a pool if it means you’re going to end up regretting the kind you chose.

Many people throughout Overland Park, Kansas have warmed up to the idea of gunite pools. While this version is far from rare, most people will probably need a description.

Gunite pools use a rebar framework to form the pool. Then a mixture of concrete and sand is sprayed over it to create its overall shape.

One of the biggest advantages to this type of pool is the fact that rebar creates a solid framework.  It’s reinforced steel, after all. Whatever the elements have in store for your Overland Park pool, steel is going to be your best bet for withstanding it.

Despite the fact that it is strong, the other advantage rebar lends gunite pools is that it allows for much more flexible designs. You can often tell a pool is made using rebar because the shape isn’t the traditional rectangle. It can curve or open up larger at one end. This is a huge benefit for people who don’t have a perfectly geometric backyard or have things like patios or gardens that may take up some of the space.

You’ll also have a number of different finishes to choose from with your gunite pool, meaning you can coordinate with the style of the rest of your home. Plaster is a popular material to choose, as is glass, pebbles or a combination of the two. Combined with the fact that gunite pools make it easy to add custom steps, waterfalls, and other features and you can probably see why they are becoming the preferred option in Overland Park, Kansas.

Consider a gunite pool for your home and benefit from all the amazing features it has to offer. Your family will love it and your Overland Park home will look better than ever.

The Importance of Pool Safety in Kansas

At Premier Pools, we’re proud to be the premier providers of pool design, pool installation, pool remodels, and generally all services related to pools in the Overland Park, Kansas area. We’re proud of what we do. But when the job’s done, we don’t stop thinking about our customers.

Often, we leave a site knowing that a child just can’t wait to get in the pool that we’ve installed. We leave happy parents and eager children who just can’t wait to start playing in the pool. And it’s important to us that they know how to use our pools safely.

Swimming Lessons

First, before you even have your pool installed, we encourage you to enroll your kids in swimming lessons. Even very young children can learn the basics of floating, simple strokes, and being able to get back to the edge of the pool. Once they have those skills, you can let them use the pool that we’ve installed.


Even when your kids have had swimming lessons, never, ever leave them alone in the pool. Don’t look away. Don’t answer the phone. An unattended child can drown literally in seconds.


You’ll find all kinds of pool toys on the market. Some of them will be represented as flotation devices. Most of those toys, though, aren’t meant to be used as protection from drowning. Often, a child can end up head-down in the water while using one of those supposedly safe toys. Pool noodles are fine to play with. So are various other toys. But anything that fits around your child is a recipe for disaster. Don’t buy them, and don’t use them.

Why Are These Toys So Popular?

You’re asking, if they’re not safe, why are they so popular? Well, it’s because they’re attractive. They have bright colors and fun images. But the simple fact is, they aren’t safe. When you contacted us for your Overland Park, Kansas pool design, it was because you trusted us. You knew that we could give you a backyard pool that would be attractive and useful. Use the same consideration when you’re buying pool toys – just because it’s pretty, that doesn’t make it safe. Pretty toys can be made from inferior materials, and your child could be harmed. Use the same level of care and concern picking out pool toys as you did with your pool design or your pool installation.

Protect Your Child

The best way to protect your child in your backyard pool is to be constantly vigilant. Don’t look away. A moment’s inattention can lead to disaster. And never, ever, rely on brightly colored toys to keep your child afloat in your pool.

At Premier Pools, we’re proud to be able to help you with pool design, pool installation, and pool remodels. But we can’t watch your back yard. That’s up to you. So please, keep your Overland Park, Kansas pool safe for your children. Watch them whenever they’re in the pool, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that a toy is a life-saving device.

Why Choose Vinyl Liner Pools in Kansas City?

You have a lot of different options for swimming pools in Kansas City, so how do you make a decision? It starts with considering those options and determining which one makes the most sense for your needs. One that you should certainly consider if you are looking for affordable swimming pools in Kansas City is the vinyl lined model.

According to HowStuffWorks, “The advantages to vinyl-lined pools are that the initial cost is lowest for them, and they can take a variety of shapes since the liner can be stretched to fit.”  Other advantages include the fact that vinyl is nonporous, durable, and algae resistant. That way, you don’t have to spend nearly the amount of time worrying about that disgusting green stuff growing on the bottom of your pool.

Vinyl liners are very durable and are made to last for years. In fact, when you work with a quality installation company, you will even have a choice of thicknesses and design so that you can rest assured that the liner will stand the test of time, no matter how much you and your family likes to swim.

People often associated affordable pools with those that don’t include much imagination, but that certainly isn’t the case. As mentioned, vinyl liner pools can be designed with numerous different shapes because the vinyl will stretch or can be custom made. You aren’t limited nearly as much as you would think.

When it comes down to making a decision between vinyl liner pools and other options like concrete and fiberglass, you do have to think about the advantages of each. Concrete offers more design options and is much more durable, but then again it or fiberglass will be much more costly. The affordability of vinyl liner pools is certainly a big draw. That’s because it means you can have a swimming pool in your back yard much more quickly than you may have imagined, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to make it happen.

So, why consider vinyl liner swimming pools? If you are looking for something affordable, then it is hard to go wrong with this choice. And, keep in mind that you will not be settling either. That’s because the pool you choose can still be unique and creative. Premier Pools and Spas of Kansas City can help you find and choose the right vinyl lined pool for your own needs as well.

Popular Pool Finishes for Your Remodelling Project

If you’re pool finish is looking old and tired, it may be time to consider a re-do, starting with the interior finish of the pool. This protects your investment while enhancing visual appeal, and there are a wide variety of pool finishes available that are both attractive and economical.

Let’s talk about a few of the different pool finishes you might consider.

  1. Pool Tile: This the gold standard, offering numerous patterns and colors. It’s stood the test of time because it’s durable and doesn’t require much maintenance – you really don’t have to do much other than clean and re-grout from time to time. Pool tile is also highly versatile, enabling you to choose from various designs. You could choose a basic pattern, add to it with tiles depicting sea life, or even go with a random effect. You’re only limited by your imagination. If you live in an area where you have to close your pool during the winter months, pool tile is ideal because it’s very resistant to frost damage.
  2. Vinyl Liners: Depending on how much use your pool gets, vinyl liners can last for many years. Of course they must be replaced if they become damaged, but if you’re just looking for a fresh, new look, a liner replacement can be a cost-effective way to get it.
  3. White Pool Plaster: This is a type of surface finish. In fact, basic white plaster was the first pool surface finish ever used, and it remains popular to this day. It consists of a simple combination of white cement combined with marble aggregate. When the water is in the pool, the finish appears to be light blue. The downside to pool plaster is that it is vulnerable to damage from chemicals and other water conditions, so it will change in appearance over time.
  4. Colored Pool Plaster: This is basic pool plaster with a tint added. It is available in a wide range of shades, and will stand the test of time in much the same way as its humbler cousin, white pool plaster. However, like white plaster, it will react to chemicals and water conditions, and may fade over time. It may also streak or become uneven, but generally will perform well for some time.
  5. Aggregates: These are add-ons to white or colored plasters. Aggregates consist of sand that is coated in ceramic, and they are added to colored or white plaster to create bright colors or soft hues. They also bring increased durability to basic pool plasters.
    Gunite Swimming Pool Kansas City

    Gunite Swimming Pool Kansas City


    Vinyl Lined Pool Kansas

    Vinyl Lined Pool

Pool Design for Your Backyard

Backyard Pool Premier Pools and Spa

Backyard Pool Premier Pools and Spa

A pool is a great addition to almost any yard. Pools are fun for people of all ages. Depending on their size, they can be good for exercising or just relaxing, and they are perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. However, while a pool can fit into most yards, not every pool works with every yard. You need to have a pool installed that matches your yard – or you can take the opportunity to give the whole yard a redesign.

Creating Your Pool Design 

If you are making your pool the centerpiece of your yard, you need to make sure it looks good along with serving its function of entertainment. This can be achieved with the pool deck and with contouring the edges. A plain rectangular pool is a bit boring, but with just a little detailing, it can really pop.

When designing your pool, you need to consider the size of your yard first. While it can be tempting to make the pool as large as possible, you need to decide how much space you will need for landscaping as well as for patio furniture or a grill. You also have to make sure to leave sufficient space around the edges of the pool for people to walk safely and comfortably. Arranging the yard and the pool to make things easier for you when you have to clean the pool or to avoid swimmers dripping on certain areas are also good ideas.

Integrating the Landscape 

You have two options: you can either work a pool into your current landscaping, or create a whole new yard with the pool as the focus. While it is not strictly necessary to integrate your landscaping with your pool design, it is definitely a good idea to do so. If you do not, you may run into functional errors, and at the least, your yard will look much less put together when you have guests.

It is a good idea to hire a company that does both pool installation and landscaping to make your pool. That way you will have only one contractor with a consistent plan to deal with. This is especially true if you want your new pool design to be the centerpiece of your yard. A pool installation company will have a better understanding of the pool design and therefore will know better what will complement it.

Premier Pools of Kansas City

If you are in the Kansas City area and are looking to create a whole new look for your yard, complete with pool, look no further than Premier Pools of Kansas City. We install and maintain many different pool designs, and have all the equipment and knowhow to make the rest of your hard look amazing as well. We even install outdoor lighting! Our products are high quality, as is our work. Give us a call whenever you decide that a backyard pool would be the perfect addition to your life.