Pool Liner Replacement for Kansas Residents Increases Pool Lifespan

Your pool is an investment in health and enjoyment for your family. There are few better options for both low-impact exercise and pure fun than having your own pool. Of course, swimming pools come in a range of types to fit everyone’s budget, but vinyl pools have one consideration not found with other types – they require a liner. Over time, that liner will age and fade, crack and potentially leak. When that happens, pool liner replacement for Kansas residents will not only extend the lifespan of the pool, but can even reduce the ownership costs involved with your pool.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Liner?

For most homeowners, it can be difficult to determine when pool liner replacement in Kansas is necessary. It becomes obvious if you let it go too long, but it’s important to catch it early. Perhaps the best way to tell if your pool liner has been damaged is to monitor the water level. If you’re losing an inch or more of water per week (after accounting for splashing and other use-loss types), you might have a leak. Minor leaks can usually be patched, rather than going through a full replacement, but if your liner is older, a replacement might be the better choice. Other signs that your liner is ready to be replaced include large cuts and gashes that cannot be feasibly patched.

How Long Do Pool Liners Last?

Chances are good that your pool liner has a rather lengthy warranty. Most of them promise 20 or 25 years, but understand that these lifespans are based on perfect conditions and constant ideal maintenance. They rarely apply to the real world. The typical vinyl poo liner lasts between 8-12 years, but that will vary based on several factors, including your maintenance habits, your local environment, your use of the pool and more. It will also vary between in-ground and aboveground pools.

Professional Installation Recommended

Installing a pool liner replacement in a Kansas pool is a tricky process. Liners are awkward, heavy and require experience and knowledge to be installed correctly. All the wrinkles need to be removed, and that the liner is suctioned correctly to the pool walls. It’s highly recommended that you work with a professional installer – Premier Pools and Spas is proud to offer outstanding pool liner replacement for Kansas customers, as well as other pool repair, replacement and installation services. Call us today to learn more.

Maintaining Swimming Pool Covers for Kansas Pools – What You Should Know

Swimming pools have a range of important equipment necessary to keep them clean and safe. Your pump is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but there are more. One of the most often overlooked pieces of equipment is your cover. Maintaining swimming pool covers in Kansas is vital not only for keeping the cover itself in good shape, but for protecting your pool and ensuring the safety of small children and even pets in the family. How do you maintain your pool cover correctly?


One source of cover wear and damage is incorrect pool chemical mixture. Pool covers, whether you have a manual cover or an automatic cover, can be damaged if the mix is off in your water. The rule of thumb is to only cover a pool filled with swim-quality water. If the mix is so off that you wouldn’t swim in the water, don’t cover the pool, as the chemicals will begin degrading your cover. After adding chemicals to your pool water, allow ample time for them to mix properly before covering the pool.

Water Level

Water level is important primarily for automatic covers. If you have an automatic pool cover system, make sure the pool water stays at the “mid-skimmer” level. This will help prevent water from washing into the cover mechanism and potentially causing damage.

Clean Off Chlorine

One of the more important considerations for maintaining swimming pool covers for Kansas pool owners is to clean off the chlorine buildup on the fabric. Every three to six months, you should wash the side that stays in contact with the pool water. Use a mild soap (hand dishwashing soap is ideal), and make sure to avoid any harsh cleansers, as these can also damage the fabric of the cover.

Automatic Cover Maintenance

Automatic pool covers are very convenient, and ensure that even large pools are protected. However, the machinery responsible for automating the covering/uncovering processes requires ongoing maintenance. Make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubing and care throughout the year.

Maintaining swimming pool covers in Kansas can be difficult for owners unsure of the factors affecting wear and tear on their cover and cover system. Premier Pools and Spas offers a full range of pool maintenance solutions, including pool cover maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Searching for the Best Pool Builders in Kansas City

Kansas City is about as far from the ocean as you can get in the United States. However, just because you live in the Kansas City area doesn’t mean that you can’t have an outdoor oasis for friends and family to enjoy this summer. There are many options when it comes to designing and installing a new pool, but what should you expect when searching for the best pool builders in Kansas City?

What to Look for in Kansas City Pool Builders

When you are looking for the best pool builders in Kansas City, it is important to see examples of quality work, along with a wide range of services that are offered. While a complete design and installation of new pools are important, it is only a piece of the puzzle. The best pool builders offer Kansas City residents renovation of older pool areas, equipment repairs, upgrades for pool features, and a selection of backyard accessories, like furniture and grills.

Summer only comes once per year, so it is important to enjoy it while you can. The best pool builders in the Kansas City area offer a selection of comfortable backyard accessories and furniture that you will want to use each and every warm, beautiful day. You won’t even have to go inside for meals if you utilize an outdoor cooking area with a top of the line grill, and family gatherings will take on a whole new style with an outdoor barbecue pool party. You can also install an outdoor fireplace to enjoy late summer nights.

Even if you already have a pool, you should be able to remodel or renovate it to bring it up to date with the very best the industry has to offer. Your family deserves the best. And there are pool builders in Kansas City that are equipped to provide it for them.

What Makes the Best Pool Builder in Kansas City? Go Beyond the Pool

Kids love splashing in the pool, but adults love to rest and relax both in and around it. Therefore, the area surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself. The best pool builders will offer Kansas City customers landscaping and lighting that brings the entire backyard together and should have a quality selection of fencing for safety and privacy.

Landscaping is important to your backyard oasis. Create a picturesque setting for your family and neighborhood gatherings that includes grass, trees, hedges and other greenery that can blend perfectly into your existing yard. The right design and mix of backyard landscaping will create a smooth transition from your home to the pool area, but you will feel like you have travelled hours away. Additionally, with a well-lit poolside area, and a lighted pool, the fun won’t end after the sun goes down.

We all want the best for our family and our homes. That is why you should be very selective when choosing the best pool builder for your Kansas City area home.