Popular Color Choices for Gunite Pools in 2018

With incredible versatility, a growing number of home and business owners in Overland Park, KS, choose Gunite pools. As a result, they can select a design and shape that fits their backyard space and enhances the landscaping and architectural features of the home. With this type of swimming pool, people can also personalize the look by using a colored finish material.

As with many things, color trends for Gunite pools change every year. For 2018, you have many fresh ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind look that your neighbors envy. Whether you spend time with your family, have friends over, or even entertain clients, you can choose a color that will enhance your home and backyard space while making everyone feel welcomed.

Although there are no limitations as to what you can do, consider some of the hottest color trends for Gunite pools this year.

  • Tropical – For a tropical vibe, keep the water aqua and add a sandstone shimmer.
  • Romantic – If you want to create a romantic setting, maintain dark blue water enhanced with a blackish-blue shimmer.
  • Contemporary – Overland Park, KS, has an array of home styles, including modern. You can give your pool a contemporary look that matches the home with medium gray water and a darker gray shimmer finish.
  • Traditional – If you prefer a more traditional look, a shimmer finish that blends royal blue and jade for medium aqua water is perfect.

 Ocean-Like – You can even choose ocean colors. For instance, you could go with a light blue finish for medium blue water, or a darker blue finish over a slightly darker ocean blue water. The other option is to maintain dark blue water and combine it with a royal blue shimmer finish.

As you can see, colors for Gunite pools run the gamut. Also on the top of the list are sage, slate, seafoam, and icy blue.