6 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl-Liner Pools

Although both fiberglass and Gunite pools continue to be top choices, there are still plenty of reasons for choosing vinyl-liner pools. In fact, as you look over six of the primary benefits, you might change your mind as to the type of pool you want. If nothing else, it gives you yet another option to consider.

  1. More Advanced – Compared to vinyl-liner pools from years ago, those available today are far more advanced. In addition to superior-quality materials and improved bracing systems, pool builders have more knowledge and skills for a seamless installation.
  2. Decking – A reputable pool builder can use solid I-braces and structurally sound resin walls that support a surrounding deck, water features, landscaping, lighting, and more. As a result, you will end up with a durable pool along with different amenities that make the time spent outdoors more enjoyable.
  3. Multiple Shapes – When first introduced, vinyl-liner pools came in one shape, rectangular. While that was not necessarily a bad thing, it lacked creativity. For some homeowners with small or oddly shaped backyards, it made installation difficult, if not impossible. Now, these pools come in a host of different shapes, including customized options.
  4. Color Choices – The first vinyl-liner pools were aqua. Depending on the color of the house, as well as other backyard structures and even the landscaping, these pools could stick out and not in a positive way. Today, you have endless possibilities for color.
  5. Patterns – Along with incredible color choices, vinyl-liner pools come in a broad range of patterns. You can select something that enhances the architectural features of the home, complements the landscaping, or works beautifully with custom tile installed around the waterline.
  6. Durable and Flexible – The material used for vinyl-liner pools today is both durable and flexible. When built by a reputable company and cared for properly, this type of pool can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. In fact, the material has improved so much that these pools are forgiving, even in harsh climates.