Vinyl Lined Pools: Incredible Results for Overland Park, Kansas, Homes and Businesses

Many home and business owners in Overland Park, Kansas, think that only fiberglass and Gunite pools make excellent choices. Although these pools are exceptional, vinyl-liner pools also provide outstanding results. Before making a decision, it is worth the time to check out what benefits vinyl-lined pools offer home and business owners.

Vinyl-liner pools add luxury and value to your lifestyle or enhance the experience of your customers. Vinyl pools from years ago left little room for creativity. Today’s new and improved pools are dramatically different. These pools are incredibly durable, flexible, and long lasting.

Among the different benefits of vinyl-liner pools, durability ranks high on the list. Both fiberglass and Gunite pools are climate specific, meaning they pose challenges for Overland Park, Kansas. In comparison, a swimming pool with a quality vinyl liner is more forgiving. When properly cared for, this type of pool will provide between 15 and 20 years of enjoyment. If you prefer a different aesthetic, most liners are replaceable.

You will appreciate an almost endless list of color and pattern options, allowing you to choose what works best for your needs. You can select a standard tile effect or have a professional pool builder customize your pool. For either scenario, you never have to worry about your neighbors or similar nearby businesses having the exact color and pattern combination.

In addition to their ease of installation, you can have this type of pool enhanced with a variety of features, including rock slides, underwater sound speakers, fiber optic lighting, waterfalls, grottos, diving rocks, and more. Because vinyl-liner pools have a smooth finish, a buildup of algae and dirt is never a problem, making maintenance and cleaning easy.

Hiring a Professional for Pool Equipment Repair in Overland Park, KS

Hiring a professional is a much better option than trying to handle the repair of pool equipment on your own. Many people have no idea that reputable pool builders do more than just install swimming pools and spas. The top Overland Park, KS, pool builders also handle pool equipment repair. That means that you can rely on the same expert to install your new pool or spa and keep the equipment performing optimally.

kansas city pool maintenance tips

kansas city pool maintenance tips

If the equipment for your swimming pool or spa does not function as designed, or if you want it checked as part of standard maintenance, a professional who possesses the necessary qualifications can identify the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

Among the different pool equipment that gets repaired, the pump is one of the most common. For you to enjoy clean and temperature-controlled water, the pump must maintain proper circulation.

One of the first things that an expert will determine when checking the pool pump is whether it pulls water. This could involve a simple fix, like removing debris from the basket or skimmer that is causing a restriction in water flow, or making sure the impeller works correctly. This individual will also check for an air leak in the suction line, which is one the main reasons for suction loss. Depending on the findings, the professional will recommend a repair or installing a new pump.

Professional pool equipment repair is also critical for the pool filter, regardless of the type – sand, earth and cartridge, or diatomaceous. You may even need help with a pool heater. Particularly in Overland Park, KS, which has four distinct seasons, including cool falls and bitterly cold winters, a properly working heater is imperative. The expert will ensure that the water in your swimming pool stays at the desired temperature, regardless of the time of year

Do Outdoor Pools and Spas Make Sense for People Living in Overland Park, Kansas?

While some cities have warm weather and sunny skies throughout the year, Overland Park, Kansas, is different. Although the weather is gorgeous from late spring to early fall, the rest of the year varies from cool to downright cold temperatures, including a lot of rain and snow. For that reason, some people question whether outdoor pools and spas make sense.

Multilevel Pool

Multilevel Pool


Even with four distinct seasons, the answer is yes, outdoor pools and spas do make sense for homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas. During the approximately five months when people can enjoy swimming in a pool or just relaxing, the refreshing water is the perfect way to beat the heat. Especially during the summertime, when temperatures can soar to 100 with high humidity levels, trying to cool off becomes challenging. However, with a vinyl liner, fiberglass, or Gunite pool in the backyard, homeowners, along with their family and friends, have a huge advantage.


Something else to consider is that many people living in Overland Park, Kansas, work hard to stay healthy. In addition to eating right, they look for ways to exercise. With outdoor pools and spas, entire families can get plenty of activity in their backyard as opposed to buying a membership to a local gym or fitness center. With a pool, people can choose to take laps in the morning, afternoon, or late at night, while enjoying the comfort and privacy of home.


In addition, a professional pool builder in Overland Park, Kansas, can install a superior-quality heater. That way, people can enjoy outdoor pools and spas whenever they want. In fact, a reputable pool builder can install a manual or electric cover, making it possible to keep debris out of the water, yet offering quick and easy access.

Landscape Lighting: The Perfect Solution to Enhance the Aesthetics of a Hotel Pool in Overland Park, KS

Whether visiting an Overland Park, KS, hotel while on a business trip, for vacation, when going to see family, or just to take a break from the kids left at home with the grandparents, guests expect a lot. In this affluent city with beautiful hotels, they want excellent service, luxurious room accommodations, and, of course, a swimming pool complete with gorgeous landscape lighting.

Building a Pool in Kansas City

Building a Pool in Kansas City


Regardless of the reason for going to a hotel, guests deserve to have a positive experience. Hotels that boast heated pools, colorful decking, comfortable chairs and lounges, and landscape lighting allow guests to escape reality, even if only temporarily. Many hotel owners in Overland Park, KS, work hard to provide their guests everything that they want and more.


Some hotels use landscape lighting as a part of a theme, some to highlight a prominent feature, and others to create a peaceful and somewhat romantic atmosphere. However, lighting around a pool also enhances safety at night. Especially when it comes to children who tend to run around, lighting not only looks incredible but also helps light the pool deck and walkway, thereby preventing accidental falls.


Although there are endless possibilities, a popular choice consists of landscape lighting on each side of the walkway leading to the pool, coupled with accent lights that illuminate the perimeter of the pool decking. For something extra special, some hotel owners choose dimming or fading lights, which give the entire pool area a unique look and feel.


Tall pole type landscape lighting is also an excellent option, sometimes complemented by shorter lights of the same style or random styles. Either way, these lights produce the perfect level of illumination, not so much that it becomes annoying, yet enough to move around safely.


Many people think of Overland Park, KS, as having a flat topography. In reality, there are subtle hills and lots of mature trees. When swimming or sunbathing during the day, trees provide shade in some areas. At night, they become the perfect focal point for landscape lighting. In addition to highlighting some of the nearby trees, flood lights create interesting shadows that add to the allure of the pool.


Recessed type landscape lighting also is ideal for hotel pools. Because they recess into the ground, you never have to worry about guests tripping over them. At the same time, they help light the way to and from the pool area. With so many options, hotel owners love getting creative so they can make a positive impression on their guests.