Landscaping Tips for a Backyard with a Massive-Sized Swimming Pool

You may not realize that one of the most talented and respected pool builders calls Overland Park, Kansas, home. Not only does this company design and build incredible pools, but it also helps home and business owners with lighting and landscaping needs. If you have a massive pool in your backyard, you might think you have no options for vegetation. But that’s not true.

Instead of planting trees, flowers, and plants that overcrowd an already tight space, you can choose unique options. The pool builder can erect a tiered wall where you can plant row after row of flowers and greenery vertically instead of horizontally. Another possibility is to use hanging plants. In fact, you can even grow fruits and vegetables in hanging containers.

Another landscaping tip is to have the pool builder create recessed areas going around the perimeter of the deck. You can set potted vegetation in the holes to enhance the pool area. Then, in the winter, all you need to do is lift the containers out of the recesses and store them until the following spring.

An arbor built over or next to the decking is another way to incorporate landscaping elements into a backyard with an extra-large swimming pool. With rows of timber, you can hang baskets of colorful flowers to brighten up your outdoor space. Since it doesn’t have an actual cover, the arbor will not block out the sun for people enjoying the water or sunbathing on the pool deck.

Although temperatures in Overland Park, Kansas, are too cold for palm trees, the pool builder can plant other slender and tall trees. Because they require limited space, you could have them placed near a wall to make your backyard more beautiful. As you can see from these few examples, the right pool builder can accomplish more than you ever imagined with landscaping, even with a massive-sized swimming pool.