Finding the Best Options for Swimming Pools in Kansas

If you’ve been dreaming of adding a swimming pool to your backyard for a while now but thought that the price of a pool was out of your budget, it is important to know there are affordable options for pools in Kansas. Below are just a few ways to make building a pool more affordable without the need to sacrifice quality.

Size Matters for Affordability

First, when exploring options for pools in Kansas, it is important to keep in mind that the single largest factor within your control is the size of your pool. The labor and materials required to building a large swimming pool could significantly increase the cost of the pool. So, before you begin planning a mammoth-sized backyard attraction, consider the size of your yard and your budget to determine how much size you can afford to devote to your pool. You might find that a smaller pool will fit both your budget and your backyard more easily.

Choose Your Type of Pool with Care

Talk to your swimming pool contractor about various options for swimming pools in Kansas. There are now many options available, including fiberglass, vinyl-lined, and gunite or concrete swimming pools. Different types of pools can vary in costs, both in terms of installation as well as lifetime maintenance. For instance, a fiberglass pool offers little to no lifetime maintenance cost and can be installed quickly, but it usually has a higher initial cost. A vinyl-lined pool has a lower initial cost but higher lifetime cost. Concrete pools provide more design flexibility but may involve a longer installation time, so consider how long you are willing to wait.

Customizing Your Pool

Custom swimming pools can be a great way to add a stamp of personalization to your home, but it should be kept in mind that the more customized a swimming pool, the higher the costs may be. Before planning a swimming pool that will rival a small waterpark, be sure to speak with your swimming pool contractor about designs and costs to ensure your ideas remain realistic and in line with your budget.


Finally, remember to ask about financing options for pools in Kansas. No longer is it necessary to have the total cost of your pool saved in advance. Financing options can allow you to enjoy a relaxing backyard oasis with affordable monthly payments.

Pool Liner Replacement in Kansas Is Easier than You Think

Does it seem as though your swimming pool has seen better days? Has the liner in your pool become ripped and/or damaged? Unfortunately, many homeowners forego enjoying their swimming pool due to damage to the liner because they think that pool liner replacement for their Kansas swimming pools is too difficult or expensive.

When to Plan for Pool Liner Replacement

First, it is important to understand when pool liner replacement in Kansas might become necessary. Pool liners have a tendency to become brittle around five years after they are first installed. Prior to that time, they are usually quite elastic. Pool owners should also be aware that pool liners tend to fade in color as time goes by, which can be another sign that replacement might be necessary. Depending on the type of liner that was used, some liners can last up to 12 years. This usually depends on the thickness of the liner. The thicker the pool liner, the longer it will usually last. When planning to replace a pool liner, homeowners should also take the time of year into consideration. The best time for pool liner replacement in Kansas is in late spring or during the summer. Summertime is generally ideal because the pool liner will benefit from more elasticity, allowing it to line up against the swimming pool more easily. By comparison, the liner will not adhere as well during cold weather.

The cost for a pool liner replacement in Kansas may vary based on the type of liner selected and whether it has any special properties, such as chemical inhibitors or a UV coating. The shape of the liner can also affect cost. For instance, liners for kidney or L-shaped pools are often more expensive than traditional rectangular pools. The same is also true for freeform pool liner replacement. 

What to Consider to Have the Best Swimming Pools

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard can be a great way to cool off on those hot summer days and bring the entire family together for some relaxing fun. In order for homeowners to have the best swimming pools in Kansas, a few things should be taken into consideration during the planning stages.

Why the Swimming Pool Builder Is So Important

The first and most important thing homeowners should be aware of when planning to install a swimming pool is that the swimming pool installer you choose is everything. Builders may abound, but for the best swimming pools in Kansas, it is important to select a builder with significant experience and a strong reputation. Otherwise, your dream pool experience could turn into a nightmare.

Once you have decided on a builder, you will need to discuss both pool type and pool design to ensure a pool that will meet your needs and your budget. There are many different types of pool options available, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. While vinyl-lined swimming pools tend to be more budget-friendly, they are not as long lasting as concrete pools. Along with the type of pool, you will need to consider designs that will best suit the shape and size of your backyard, as well as your own vision for your new backyard attraction.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that a number of other accessories are necessary to ensure the best swimming pools in Kansas, including landscaping and lighting, so it is important to plan for those items from the beginning. For instance, by adding lighting to your pool, it is possible to extend your outdoor entertainment well into the evening. The addition of tropical foliage and other landscaping can transform a ho-hum swimming pool into an extension of your home. Working with a builder with experience in all of these areas can ensure you are able to enjoy the best swimming pools in Kansas.