Hottest Trends in Outdoor Spas at Overland Park, Kansas, Hotels

Although Overland Park, Kansas, is roughly 40 minutes from KCI International Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, it is a hub for business conferences, symposiums, trade shows, and other events. For that reason, this city boasts some of the most beautiful hotels on both sides of the river. That means that owners face fierce competition. To stand out, many now follow the hottest trends for outdoor spas.

With innovatively designed outdoor spas, hotel business owners can offer guests a relaxing experience in both the winter and summer. Overland Park, Kansas, has frigid temperatures and snow during the winter, and a hot, humid climate during the summer. Owners need to consider spas that work for both environments. One way to accomplish that is by having a retractable dome installed to keep snow and sunlight off the hotel guests while they are enjoying time outdoors.

People on honeymoons or taking luxury weekend getaways also stay at the best hotels in Overland Park, Kansas. Owners need to look at trends for outdoor spas that can accommodate these people’s needs. Underwater LED lighting is one option that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Another hot trend for outdoor spas this year are fountains. A professional pool builder can create anything based on what the owner wants. One example is a spa surrounded by beautiful decorative concrete and a wall with an enhanced design as the backdrop. Warm water filters through several sprouts on the wall and into the spa below.

Hotel owners can look at different cascading waterfall designs as well. You can choose water that flows down a staggered rock design and goes into the spa. Not only does the warmth of the water relax and soothe the body, but the sound of water trickling down the rocks also makes the space more comfortable. To make an impression and entice guests to your Overland Park, Kansas, hotel, consider these and other hot trends for outdoor spas.