Pool Builder Qualities


our pool is the focal point of your yard as well as the perfect place to relax and unwind on a hot summer day in Kansas. To get the most out of your pool, you need to hire the right builder, and in Overland Park that is typically Premier Pools and Spas. You should look for a pool builder who offers all types of pools, including concrete, one-piece fiberglass, and vinyl-lined, as this gives you the versatility to select from several options.

Experience and Training

Installing a pool is more complicated than it looks. The contractor has to dig the hole and provide water access as well as drainage for the pool without leakage occurring. The contractor also has to ensure a safe environment for your family, including an anti-slip pool deck so no one falls. Doing all of these things requires the type of knowledge that only experience can give you.

Design and Installation

When you get further along in the selection process for a pool builder, ask candidates about how they design and install the pool. Make sure that they can work with you to create a custom product for your Kansas backyard. If you have a unique vision for your pool, be sure that the contractor installs concrete ones, as these tend to be the most versatile. Premier Pools and Spas uses interior coatings, such as Diamond Brite, Hydrazzo, QuartzScapes, and StoneScapes, offering multiple options. Your pool builder needs to involve you at every stage of the process, including providing updates during the installation.

Examples of Work and References

You want a pool builder who is able to provide examples of previous work, but simply having a few photos is not always enough. Try to pick a contractor who has enough photos to show off a range of styles and materials. The best situation would be to see a pool you want the builder to recreate among photos of previous work, but this is not necessary as long as your builder’s photos of previous work show a range of materials, shapes, and styles of pools.

In addition to the photos, ask about and check into references. Our team at Premier Pools and Spas has a long list of past references since very few satisfied customers refuse to be contacted.