When Is It Time to Consider a Pool Liner Replacement?

Having an outdoor pool is great for summer parties and get-togethers, but pools do require a certain degree of maintenance. The pool chemicals you use may help to keep the water clean, but they may also wear away at your pool liner. Over time, you may need to consider a pool liner replacement if yours starts to wear out.


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Signs You Need a Pool Liner Replacement

There are many different kinds of liners you may choose for your Kansas pool, but vinyl pool liners are usually the best option. In most cases, a vinyl pool liner will last 10 to 12 years with proper maintenance. Over time, however, problems could develop that would necessitate a pool liner replacement. If your pool liner shows any of the following signs, consider replacing it:

Cracks or Tears – Pool chemicals and sun exposure can lead to deterioration in your pool liner, causing cracks or tears. In some cases, they may be too small to see and can only be diagnosed by declining water levels.

Stains and Fading – Exposure to sunlight, chemicals, rust, or algae can cause your pool liner to stain or fade. Fading not only can affect the appearance of your liner, but it can also cause it to become brittle and crack.

Slipping or Stretching – Vinyl pool liners are installed along a track, and, if they start to slip out of the track, they may start to sag. This, in turn, can lead to water loss.

Water Loss – If you are losing water from your pool, it may be due to a tear or puncture in the lining. You might be able to patch a small leak, but the problem will get worse unless you replace the pool liner.

When it comes to pool liner replacement, Kansas homeowners trust no one more than Premier Pools and Spas of KC. Simply give us a call, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer your questions and schedule you for a free assessment. What are you waiting for? Call today!


An Explanation as to Why Pool Tiles May Come Off

In-ground pools are a great way to maximize the use of your outdoor space, as any Kansas City pool builder will tell you. While pools can be great, they can also be a lot of work to maintain. Over time, you may even find yourself dealing with problems like cracked or loose tiles, even tiles that have fallen off.


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Why Tiles Fall off of Pools

If you were to ask a Kansas City pool builder why the tiles in your pool were falling off, he or she might not be able to identify the cause without actually looking at the pool. The builder will most likely tell you, however, that it is probably a sign of an underlying problem. If your pool tiles were installed correctly the first time, they should not crack or fall off. If you did not hire an expert to install your pool, however, you may find yourself dealing with problems a few years down the line.

One of the most common reasons pool tiles fall off is that something behind them starts pushing them out – in many cases, it is a tree root growing through the concrete behind the tile. Another common problem is a crack in the expansion joint between the pool deck and the coping. In other cases, it may simply be a product of the freeze-thaw cycle if the pool deck or coping was not properly sealed after installation. Correcting any of these problems may be a bigger job than you want to handle yourself, so be sure to hire an experienced pool builder to do it for you.

If you find yourself dealing with loose, cracked, or fallen-off tiles in your pool, don’t hesitate to contact the area’s top pool builder – Premier Pools and Spas of Kansas City. We have many years of experience building, repairing, and restoring pools, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time around.

Design Idea: Hidden Pools and Patios in Kansas

When it comes to pools and patios, Kansas homeowners typically want to show off the things that make their homes unique. A beautiful in-ground pool or concrete patio can significantly add to the value of your home as long as it looks nice, but some people prefer a different look – a hidden pool or patio.

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What Is a Hidden Pool or Patio?

If you are looking for a way to maximize the use of your outdoor space in Kansas, you have probably considered installing a pool or patio. In many cases, you can only choose one of the two options due to space limitations. You might also be concerned about an in-ground pool detracting from the appearance of your property. If any of these concerns play a role in your decision, you will be glad to know that there is another option – hidden pools and patios.

A hidden pool or patio is a great option for Kansas homeowners because you get the best of both worlds. Hidden pools and patios can be built into the ground like a normal in-ground pool, but they are then covered with a decorative patio device that lowers or retracts to reveal the pool. With a hidden pool or patio, you can convert from one to the other with the push of a button. What could be simpler than that?

Benefits of Hidden Pools and Patios

For people who live in areas that are warm all year round, an in-ground pool might make sense because you will always be able to use it. In Kansas, however, you probably won’t be using your pool during the late fall and winter. Having a hidden pool is a great option because you can hide the pool away during the months when you won’t be using it and take advantage of a decorative outdoor patio instead. Hidden pools are also a much safer option because you can turn them into a patio when you aren’t using them – this means less risk for children and pets falling into the pool.

When it comes to pools and patios, Kansas homeowners are turning to the professional pool builders at Premier Pools and Spas of KC to turn their dreams into realities. If you are considering a hidden pool or patio, make us your first call to learn more and to schedule an appointment for a free assessment. If you choose to hire us for the job, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with the best in the business.