Create a Personal Outdoor Sanctuary with Greenery and Landscape Lighting

If you enjoy spending time at home but find that your Overland Park, KS, backyard lacks privacy and a relaxing atmosphere, you can do something about it with the right greenery and landscape lighting. By working with a respected and trusted pool builder who also specializes in creating backyard sanctuaries, your new space will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

The experts will first assess your backyard. Then, based on your goals and objectives, they will devise the perfect plan. For privacy, you can have tall trees or other plants added next to the fencing to create a visual barrier between your space and the neighbors or a public street. For a beautiful oasis, you might consider several exotic species that you can showcase with upward landscape lighting.

Around the pool, the builder could add planter boxes of varying sizes and shapes, each filled with different greenery. For more interest, you could have ground recessed lighting installed to highlight the plants but also serve as a guide as you make your way around the pool deck. Another option is solar-powered Tiki torches with a Polynesian look and feel. As the sun powers them, you would never have to worry about turning them on and off.

You might also consider having grass or low ground covering planted between pavers for a pathway that leads from the pool to the patio, with recessed lighting to light the way. On the inside of the patio, small palm trees, miniature fruit trees, or flowering plants would look gorgeous. Around the perimeter, you can hang several additional plants. For landscape lighting, the builder could install hanging chandeliers or an outside fan that matches the tropical vibe of the Tiki torches, if you go that route.

Continue your backyard sanctuary closer up to the house with pole lighting that has arms for hanging plants. Even on the back patio, softly illuminated lanterns or party lights that crisscross would enhance the overall design. To complete the look, have a second walkway built leading to the back door, complete with grass or ground cover between pavers and either recessed or small solar lights.

As long as you work with a professional who has experience in greenery and landscape lighting, you can create the perfect sanctuary. The right Overland Park, KS, company will incorporate your ideas into the overall plan or, if preferred, come up with the entire concept on your behalf. Either way, you will finally have a place to escape to whenever you want. For the ultimate backyard getaway, consider having a custom spa installed.

Surprise Your Family with an Outdoor Spa in Your Overland Park, KS, Backyard

In response to your significant other working hard and the children keeping their grades up in school, you want to do something special for them. Why not surprise the family with a beautiful outdoor spa? Not only will everyone enjoy it, this is also a great way to enhance your Overland Park, KS, backyard and even increase the property’s value.

If you have a swimming pool, you could have a professional builder add an outdoor spa adjacent to it. Otherwise, you can go with a standalone spa. Either way, your family will love it. A common misconception is that spas only get used during cold weather. However, this is something that you can enjoy all year round. Of course, with temperatures in Overland Park, KS, hitting record lows, an outdoor spa is the perfect way to warm up.

Having a spa in your backyard is also an excellent way to relax. After a hectic day at work or school, you and the family can unwind, destress, and loosen up stiff muscles. In fact, if your kids participate in sports at school, your new spa will help keep them in tip-top shape. Your new spa will reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery.

You can use your new outdoor spa when entertaining family, friends, and even clients, as well. Just imagine a barbecue in the summer or a delicious meal indoors in the winter, followed by sitting around in your private spa having great conversations. For something extra exciting, you can have the builder install additional jets, LED lighting, a sound system, and more. With all that, your family will have an entirely new level of appreciation.

Instead of dreaming about what you could do for your family, this is the perfect time to talk to a respected pool builder about getting an outdoor spa built in your Overland Park, KS, backyard.

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Pool Design

Whether you have an apartment complex, community center, fitness club, or hotel or motel, if you want to have a swimming pool installed, there are several factors to consider as part of the design. Fortunately, you can get professional help from a reputable company that will help guide you to the right commercial pool design for your needs.

Following are some examples of things you should think about:

  • Space – The designated area will dictate the size, shape, and configuration of the pool design. Even if you have limited space at your Overland Park, KS, business, there are many incredible choices. For that reason, do not think that you have a ton of restrictions. In fact, if the allotted space is relatively small, this allows you to get creative.
  • Customers – You also need to factor in the people who will use the swimming pool. For instance, if you have a gym or fitness center, more than likely, your customers want a pool more for exercise than recreation. In comparison, a pool at an apartment complex or hotel will get used primarily for fun. For customers that want to exercise, you could include a resistance “river” or lap lanes as part of the pool design. However, a standard pool, perhaps with an attached hot tub, would be ideal for recreational purposes.
  • Specialized Features – There is also the aspect of specialized features to think about when coming up with the right commercial pool design for your Overland Park, KS, business. At a high-end hotel, guests would love a grotto, swim-up bar, or beautiful waterfall feature, while guests would probably not value those things as much at a community center.

These are just some of the considerations for a commercial pool design. With so many possibilities, it is essential to work with a top builder in Overland Park, KS, so that you get precisely what you want and need.