Gunite Versus Fiberglass Pool Installations: Which Is Best for Overland Park, KS Homeowners?

fiberglass-poolsFor people in geographical locations with just one season, choosing a swimming pool is easy. However, Overland Park, KS, has four distinct seasons, giving homeowners roughly five months of the year to enjoy a pool. Swimming pools in Kansas also require different maintenance because of the harsh winters. Among the various options, Gunite and fiberglass pool installations are the best.

While both Gunite and fiberglass pool installations are excellent for people in Overland Park, KS, the decision comes down to what the homeowner prefers. The primary difference between the two is that Gunite pools are built on-site while fiberglass pools include a prefabricated shell delivered to the home from the manufacturer. While the installation process is similar, there are distinct advantages of each pool option.

Gunite Installations

When it comes to Gunite pools, builders have unlimited options for size and style. As for installation, this is done in several phases, starting with excavation. During this process, the builder marks the shape of the pool, followed by digging up the ground to accommodate the size and depth. With that complete, the hole gets reinforced with steel rebar. That step is followed by setting skimmers, cleaner lines, returns, and drains in place. The bonding wire is then hooked up by a licensed electrician.

Using a sprayer gun, the pool builder sprays the Gunite concrete material over the rebar, forming the pool’s interior. Once applied and dried, the builder finishes the plastering phase. With the Gunite shell cured, the builder sets the wall capstones and perimeter tile, adds the pool deck, and caulks the joints. At that time, an electrician installs the breaker box for powering the pool lights, pump, filter, and so on. Finally, the area is cleaned up and the pool is filled.

Fiberglass Pool Installations

Just like a Gunite pool, the installation for one made of fiberglass starts with excavation. In this case, the builder digs a hole the size and depth of the shell chosen by the homeowner. With that complete, the pool builder places the gravel foundation and then perfectly levels it. Next, a licensed plumber installs the filter system.

The next phase of fiberglass pool installations consists of backfilling the pool shell to keep it firmly in place. Following that step is the installation of the pool coping and decking. The site is then cleaned up, and the pool is filled with water. For families with children or pets, it is advised to install a security fence before filling the pool.

6 of the Most Popular Add-Ons for Pool Remodels in Overland Park, KS

You expect to see elaborate pool remodels in California, Arizona, Texas, and so on, but homeowners in Overland Park, KS, are also interested in unique pool designs. Along with a customized pool shape and design, there is a host of incredible add-on services that make pools more aesthetically pleasing and functional. To have your pool remodeled, consider some of the available add-ons. The following six represent those considered most popular by people living in Overland Park, KS.

  1. Water Features – Water features are in high demand, including bubblers, which produce a miniature geyser; cascades, which consist of cascading water coming out of a side on the interior of the pool; and spillways, which are similar to cascades only larger. There are also flowing streams.
  2. Edges and Ledges – Many pool remodels in Overland Park, KS, include beautiful edges and ledges. Working with a top pool builder, you can have a sunbathing ledge built or perhaps an edge for people to sit on.
  3. Lighting – Special effect lighting is another top choice. This type of lighting includes fiber optics in one color or multiple colors, lights that work in conjunction with a water feature, and lights that change color, making the water even more incredible.
  4. Concrete Pool Bar – Instead of getting out of the pool for something to drink or eat, people can swim up to a built-in concrete bar complete with stools. For something simpler, the pool builder can add a concrete bench in the water.
  5. Slides and Diving Boards – Beautifully designed slides and diving boards are also popular for pool remodels. You can choose something more traditional or have a curving slide with a spring diving board installed.
  6. Pool Cover – An automatic pool cover is another excellent add-on. Because Overland Park, KS, is known for having four distinct seasons, this type of pool cover is perfect. However, the cover is also an excellent way to keep both children and pets safe.

How to Use Landscaping to Create a Sophisticated Backyard Oasis in Overland Park, Kansas

Many homeowners with a swimming pool or spa choose a tropical backyard theme, which is fine. However, if you host a lot of parties or entertain important clients at your Overland Park, Kansas, home, you probably want something different. To accomplish this, the right landscaping is important.

  • Choose a Theme – Start by choosing a theme for your backyard. For a day spa theme, consider having a wooden walkway built leading to a circled entertainment area that is partially hidden by taller shrubs and trees. If you prefer a desert oasis theme, you can create an area set away from the house with a fire pit, seating, and comfortable pillows, topped off with various cacti. When choosing a Tommy Bahama theme, you could go with brick or flagstone steps leading from the pool to a flat surface with an open fireplace and seating. To enhance that design, your contractor can plant ground coverage along one side of the steps coupled with palms, ferns, and flowers around the perimeter of the seating area.
  • Privacy – Depending on your Overland Park, Kansas, backyard, you may have an issue with privacy. To solve the problem, have your contractor install a lattice screen and add hanging flowers, tall shrubs, and creeping ivy. Not only will your backyard oasis become private, it also will be more aesthetically pleasing.
  •  Plant-Covered Arbor – If you have an arbor over your patio, a fresh paint job and a wonderful selection of hanging would be gorgeous. Something so simple will completely transform the way your patio looks and feels. To complete your oasis, add comfortable seating and colorful throw pillows.
  • Planter Boxes – If you have a large pool but little grass, you can place planter boxes around the pool deck. With the right plants and flowers, your entire backyard will take on a more sophisticated appearance. To create the oasis that you want, you can make each planter box look the same or unique while still coordinating.