Top Reasons Fiberglass Pools Make an Excellent Choice

Even with the growing popularity of Gunite and concrete, many homeowners prefer fiberglass pools. When you compare the types of pools, you see that those made of fiberglass have some unique characteristics and benefits. If you plan to have a pool built in your backyard, look over the top reasons why these are an excellent choice.

  • Easy Installation – Although you need to hire a professional pool builder to install a fiberglass pool in your backyard, the process is relatively easy overall. For instance, when installing a vinyl liner pool, the builder must work with optimal ambient water temperature. Otherwise, the liner wrinkles. With a concrete pool, builders can only work in the right outside conditions. When it comes to pools made of fiberglass, few things affect installation.
  • Low Maintenance – Without question, fiberglass pools are easy to maintain. By following the builder’s instructions, you will have no problem keeping the pool in pristine condition.
  • Easy on the Feet – While many people like concrete pools, the problem is that the material is hard on feet. In fact, some people with sensitive skin end up with cuts and bruises. In comparison, the smooth texture of fiberglass pools does not cause foot pain.
  • Algae Growth – As a porous material, concrete pools are notorious for algae problems. Because pools made of fiberglass have a smooth surface, they never harbor algae growth.
  • Less Hassle – Typically, concrete pools need acid washing every two to three years, as well as resurfacing after about 15 years. The liner of vinyl pools needs replacing every seven to 10 years for most brands. Because fiberglass pools do not require the same specialized care, they are less of a hassle to own.
  • Saltwater – In recent years, an increasing number of people have turned to saltwater. If you prefer that over chlorinated water, then a pool made of fiberglass is perfect since it works incredibly well with salt chlorine generators.