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The Importance of Pool Safety in Kansas

At Premier Pools, we’re proud to be the premier providers of pool design, pool installation, pool remodels, and generally all services related to pools in the Overland Park, Kansas area. We’re proud of what we do. But when the job’s done, we don’t stop thinking about our customers.

Often, we leave a site knowing that a child just can’t wait to get in the pool that we’ve installed. We leave happy parents and eager children who just can’t wait to start playing in the pool. And it’s important to us that they know how to use our pools safely.

Swimming Lessons

First, before you even have your pool installed, we encourage you to enroll your kids in swimming lessons. Even very young children can learn the basics of floating, simple strokes, and being able to get back to the edge of the pool. Once they have those skills, you can let them use the pool that we’ve installed.


Even when your kids have had swimming lessons, never, ever leave them alone in the pool. Don’t look away. Don’t answer the phone. An unattended child can drown literally in seconds.


You’ll find all kinds of pool toys on the market. Some of them will be represented as flotation devices. Most of those toys, though, aren’t meant to be used as protection from drowning. Often, a child can end up head-down in the water while using one of those supposedly safe toys. Pool noodles are fine to play with. So are various other toys. But anything that fits around your child is a recipe for disaster. Don’t buy them, and don’t use them.

Why Are These Toys So Popular?

You’re asking, if they’re not safe, why are they so popular? Well, it’s because they’re attractive. They have bright colors and fun images. But the simple fact is, they aren’t safe. When you contacted us for your Overland Park, Kansas pool design, it was because you trusted us. You knew that we could give you a backyard pool that would be attractive and useful. Use the same consideration when you’re buying pool toys – just because it’s pretty, that doesn’t make it safe. Pretty toys can be made from inferior materials, and your child could be harmed. Use the same level of care and concern picking out pool toys as you did with your pool design or your pool installation.

Protect Your Child

The best way to protect your child in your backyard pool is to be constantly vigilant. Don’t look away. A moment’s inattention can lead to disaster. And never, ever, rely on brightly colored toys to keep your child afloat in your pool.

At Premier Pools, we’re proud to be able to help you with pool design, pool installation, and pool remodels. But we can’t watch your back yard. That’s up to you. So please, keep your Overland Park, Kansas pool safe for your children. Watch them whenever they’re in the pool, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that a toy is a life-saving device.