6 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

People who live in the western part of the country are fortunate to enjoy time in the pool all year round. However, for a lot of swimming pool owners, summer is winding down. Not only does that mean finding a different activity but also preparing the pool for the winter months. If you’re among those that need to get things in order before fall approaches, you’ll find the process easier with these six steps.


  1. Water Testing and Treating – Roughly a week before closing your swimming pool for the season, check the alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH levels using a testing kit. Once balanced properly, add shock to the skimmer. For this, simply follow the instructions on the chosen product. After the chlorine levels go back to normal, add algaecide. Then allow that to circulate for about 24 hours.
  2. Swimming Pool Cleaning – Clean your pool thoroughly to remove debris and algae. However, make sure you take any removable attachments out first.


  1. Reduce the Water Level – Whether you drain the water manually or use the backwash option on your DE or sand filter, bring the level down to approximately 6 inches below the tile border or skimmer.


  1. Pump and Filter Draining – The next step for winterizing your swimming pool is to drain the pump and filter. Also, disconnect fittings to prevent them from cracking during the cold months. You’ll need to remove the filter pressure gauge, pump and filter system fittings, chlorinator, skimmer baskets, and return jet fittings. Store these items in a covered and dry area.


  1. Line Blowing – To winterize your swimming pool, pay extra attention to the plumbing. The last thing you want is for an underground pipe to freeze and crack. Although you can do this yourself, most homeowners call in a pool professional since there are several detailed steps involved.


  1. Cover the Pool – Lastly, cover your swimming pool. Your best option is to choose one with safety latches. This type of cover can handle heavy loads of snow while preventing wild animals and even pets from falling into the water.

5 Reasons Why Gunite Pools Have Grown in Popularity Among Overland Park, KS, Homeowners

Although situated in the heart of the Midwest, homeowners in Overland Park, KS, love having swimming pools in their backyards. During the five to six months of beautiful weather, this creates a perfect opportunity for cooling down. Although a lot of people have pools made of fiberglass, there’s a growing trend in the form of Gunite pools.


Five of the top reasons these pools have become the number one choice for homeowners in Overland Park, KS, are:


  1. Unlimited Design Options – For starters, homeowners can go with a design that matches the landscaping to a tee. They can also have this type of swimming pool that’s sized to fit the backyard. That means even people with a small space can enjoy a stunning swimming pool.
  2. Long-lasting – Gunite pools are made to last. In fact, most Overland Park, KS, homeowners sell their properties and move on before the pool begins to show any signs of wear and tear. Even if used daily by multiple people, the pool will last a long time when given proper care.


  1. Options for Amenities – Compared to other types of swimming pools, Gunite pools give homeowners far more flexibility when it comes to customization. This includes things like a swim-through grotto, a geyser in the middle of the pool, a swim-up bar, and the list goes on.


  1. Finishing Materials – Another advantage is that with Gunite pools, homeowners have impressive choices of finishing materials. If someone wants something different from what other Overland Park, KS, homeowners have, they could select a black or navy-blue surface.


  1. Selling Point – If someone decides to put their house on the market, this kind of pool becomes a huge selling point. In Overland Park, most of the homes are gorgeous. For that reason, there’s a lot of competition when selling. This one decision alone can make a house more marketable.

Helpful Tips for Keeping Fiberglass Pools in Pristine Condition

Although both vinyl liner and Gunite pools take their share of the market, a lot of home and business owners in Overland Park, KS, prefer fiberglass pools. After all, for an expert, installation requires little time and effort, freeing up more of your summer to swim or relax on the deck.

Also, because of the material, fiberglass pools are easy on the feet. Instead of scraping them on the bottom as happens with other pool materials, you and your guests can jump around without worrying about scrapes. Even better, this particular type of pool does not harbor algae, so there is no issue with getting an infection from tiny cuts.

However, the fact that fiberglass pools are low maintenance is one of the biggest attractions for homeowners in Overland Park, KS. Most homeowners in this specific part of Johnson County work outside the home. In fact, it is common for both parents to hold full-time jobs. Returning after a busy day, the last thing they want to do is mess with the pool. Instead, they would much rather change into their swimsuits and trunks, and dive into the cool, refreshing water.

If you have this type of pool in your backyard, you can keep it in perfect condition with just a few easy-to-follow tips. For example, only use high-quality cleaning products made specifically for fiberglass pools. Also, check the chemical level of the water regularly, run the pool filter, which will do a lot of the work for you, and always keep the water line above the skimmer.

These things, along with clearing any debris from the surface and vacuuming, unless you have an automatic system, ensure the water remains crystal clear. Usually, homeowners in Overland Park, KS, spend about 30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday and 15 minutes once or twice a week to maintain the cleanliness of their fiberglass pools.

How the Right Landscape Lighting Can Turn Your Backyard into Everyone’s Favorite Party Space

Do you enjoy throwing parties for family members and friends? Do most of your events include fun in and around the pool? If you want to make your backyard everyone’s favorite party space, it is essential that you remember to focus on landscape lighting. Especially if you invite people over after dark, you want to create an area that looks fun but also enhances the overall safety.

For starters, take advantage of space above the ground. In other words, you can have beautiful and festive lights hung around your patio or even special design fixtures from trees. Although this type of landscape lighting typically has subtle illumination, it makes a backyard look festive and offers just enough lighting to help people see where they are walking.

Potted planters that also serve as landscape lighting is yet another excellent idea. With this, you can place the dual-purpose planters along walkways and around the perimeter of the pool deck. When throwing backyard parties, you can add vibrantly-colored plants and greenery to the pots and then use the illumination after dusk to bring the gathering to life.

Perhaps one of the most creative options for landscape lighting is what appears as split logs with light shining through. If you have a house out in the country or you decorated the backyard space with a more casual or Southwest décor, this is perfect. The logs look amazing, give off a soft glow, and your guests can even use them to sit on, ideal when hosting a large party.

Landscape Lighting

Swimming Pool in Kansas City Landscape Lighting

Instead of more traditional pole lighting, have an expert install lights on poles that blend in with your wooden fence. What makes this option ideal for parties is that it gives off plenty of illumination, yet it does not take up any space. For instance, if you have a smaller backyard, you can enhance its overall appeal but without having an overcrowding problem.

Exciting Pool Lighting Options to Consider

For many years, people have few pool lighting options. In fact, the light on one end was the only illumination available. Today, things are quite different. Thanks to forward-thinking builders, you can consider several possibilities. Not only does lighting create a safer area in and around the pool but it also adds to the overall ambiance.


  • Safety Lights – Whether you have children or invite family and friends over who do, you will never go wrong having this type of pool lighting installed. As implied, these lights illuminate areas around the deck, walkway, and stairs, thereby reducing any risk of injury.


  • LED Lights – LED lights are among the more popular choices of pool lighting because they are energy efficient, which keeps the cost of electricity down, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can have LED lights installed inside the pool or used to adorn the deck area.


  • Fiber Optic Lights – Fiber optic pool lighting is also a great consideration, especially if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated space in your backyard. The subtlety of these lights makes them another top choice.


  • Solar Floating Lights – Fun yet practical, solar floating lights make an excellent choice. If you want to highlight the bottom of the pool, you can have these lights installed on the sides and point downward. However, you can also allow the lights to flow freely. Available in multiple colors, this is an excellent way to liven up a party.


  • Color-Changing Lights – You might also think about having color-changing pool lighting installed. Used both inside the water and around the deck, you can select one color, or a variety of colors based on the look you want to achieve.


  • Party Lights – Another possibility for pool lighting consists of party lights. Although these do not go in the water, they are gorgeous when used to decorate a gazebo, patio, or the pool deck.

The Best Pool Safety Tips Provided by an Expert

Whether you have a residential or commercial swimming pool, safety is always a priority. Even if you live alone, you should consult a professional builder. There is an excellent chance that at some point, you will have guests over to enjoy your backyard. For you and other people, take the tips provided on pool safety to heart.


For a residential pool, always have adults supervising whenever there are children around. For a commercial pool, have a certified lifeguard on duty at all times, even when adults swim. While children often run and play without regard to pool safety, adults can experience a medical emergency that requires immediate action.


Also, post signs that clearly define all rules. Include things like “no running,” “no diving in the shallow end,” no horseplay,” and so on. Place them in several areas so that everyone has information on your specific pool safety policies. If you have a pool at a hotel, fitness center, or another commercial business, consider having every guest sign a form stating they read and agree to abide by the rules.


Especially if you have small children, a pool builder can install a locking fence. If you worry that might distract from the beauty of your backyard, have an expert customize an enclosure. Instead of a key, which children can easily find, have a keypad installed and change the code often.


It is critical that you teach kids how to swim as young as possible. You can sign your children up for lessons taught by an expert. Keep in mind that reputable companies offer swimming lessons for kids as young as six months of age. Even when you take other pool safety precautions, this is something you should never overlook.


Finally, always remove toys and inflatables from the pool after each use. Sadly, many children have drowned trying to reach something floating in the water. Remove anything tempting to eliminate significant risk.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for a Small Space

Just because you have a single-family house, condominium, or patio home with a small space in the back does not mean you have to compromise on design. Thanks to experts who provide excellent backyard landscaping solutions, you can turn a tiny area into a gorgeous place to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning or spend time with friends in the evening.

Although you can come up with backyard landscaping ideas yourself and ask the professional for suggestions, you might start by considering some of the ideas listed below.

  • Think Vertical – With limitations, you need to utilize every inch of the space, both horizontally and vertically. Tall, slender trees, trellises, and a pagoda from which you can have plants and flowers are all excellent options. As you scour the space behind your house, look for any opportunity to go vertical.
  • Designated Spaces – For backyard landscaping, another idea involves establishing designated spaces. Using wooden dividers or tall plants, you can create one area where you relax in the morning with a cup of coffee, and where you gather with friends for good conversation, and a place where the children can play safely. When done correctly, creating designated spaces can help make a small backyard appear larger.
  • Contemporary Flair – Even with 1,000 feet of space or less, if you want a modern backyard, start with alternating bands of pebbles and stone paving, followed by placing five shiny silver balls of varying sizes on the surface. The reflection of clouds and light create an illusion of having greater space.
  • Edible Plants – Another excellent option for backyard landscaping consists of using edible plants and flowers in place of more traditional greenery. Not only will the area look gorgeous, but it will also provide you with herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers to enjoy at mealtime.
  • Hammock Haven – If the amount of space is extremely limited, focus more on how you can create an area for relaxation. In this case, you could set up two hammocks that make a V shape. In between the two, place a chimenea, shade tree, or water feature.

Set the Mood With the Right Backyard Lighting

While backyard lighting enhances both safety and security, it also sets the mood. Whether you want an outdoor space that looks and feels festive, coastal, romantic, sophisticated, or something entirely different, it is essential you have the correct light fixtures installed. For this, you can work with a professional who builds swimming pools and hot tubs, designs landscaping, and installs lights.

  • Cascading Lights – If your goal is to create an intimate space outside, small cascading lights are a perfect choice. The expert can hang these from trees, the edge of the roof, or use a system to suspend them over whatever area you want. Add a hammock and music for a romantic aura. An expert can even create faux waterfalls using cascading lights. Whether hung as a partial or full wall, they look stunning.
  • Upward Lighting – Many people choose upward backyard lighting as a way to highlight a specific tree. However, for a tropical vibe, consider having an oversized Polynesian statue added to a corner of your yard surrounded by banana trees, palms, or other tropical-inspired plants. Not far away, place a water feature or have a Koi pond installed. When illuminated, you will feel as though you are somewhere on an isolated island.
  • Planter Lights – Placing cool-to-the-touch lights inside of containers around your pool or on the patio helps create a relaxing atmosphere. If you enjoy visits by family and friends or like to unwind with a cocktail in hand after a hectic day at work, this is an excellent option.
  • Pops of Color – For a vibrant look, select backyard lighting in bright colors. You can also find some uniquely shaped fixtures designed specifically for outdoor use.

 Homey and Comfortable – You can create a more casual atmosphere with log lights. In this case, the lights set inside of cut tree trunks with splits on the sides. The openings are just big enough to allow rays of light to shine through. For this, you might consider a grouping or use them to light a pathway.

6 Things Every Overland Park, KS, Homeowner Should Know About Pool Construction

It is true that the builder you hire will handle the majority of the work involved when having a new swimming pool installed in the backyard of your Overland Park, KS, home. However, as a homeowner, there are still a few things you should understand about pool construction. After all, the more knowledge you have, the easier it is to make the right decision based on your specific wants and needs.


  1. Pool Type – The level of pool construction involved depends on the type you select. While in the decision-making phase, spend adequate time researching the pros and cons of a vinyl liner, fiberglass, and Gunite pool. That will help you determine which one is right for your family.
  2. Pool Design – The design of your pool includes its shape, size, and any added features. Especially if you want to go all out, make sure you talk to your builder about options and how the money will tack time onto the completion date.
  3. Installation Time – If you are not in a hurry to have the pool completed, you might consider both a vinyl liner and Gunite style. Weather permitting, the builder can have a vinyl liner pool installed in roughly six to eight weeks, whereas, a Gunite pool can take up to a month to complete. The installation of a fiberglass pool is the fastest, taking only two to four weeks.


  1. Permits – A professional builder is responsible for obtaining all the required permits to install a swimming pool. However, as the homeowner, you have every right to ask for verification, since a simple oversight could ultimately prove costly.


  1. Backyard Mess – During the pool construction process, you will see a lot of activity in your backyard. Along with workers, the builder will bring in equipment to dig a hole. While messy, keep reminding yourself that you and your family will have an incredible pool to enjoy once finished.


  1. Landscaping – When discussing pool construction with the builder, make sure you advise him of any landscaping that you want to add afterward. That way, he will do the installation while keeping your preferences in mind.

The 3 Hottest Pool Designs Overland Park, Kansas, Homeowners Should Consider in 2019

Pool Designs

Pool Designs

Pool designs for 2019 are surpassing expectations. Whether you already have a swimming pool or plan to have one installed, take a few minutes to check out some of the hottest trends for next year. Although you can go with one of the three mentioned, remember that there are many additional options to consider. You could even incorporate your creative ideas into one of the designs listed.


  1. Dark Interior Finishes – For both indoor and outdoor pools, expert pool builders say that dark interior finishes are going to skyrocket next year. Instead of a light blue or green pool, you could choose a darker version of either color or select something entirely different. Especially if you entertain or enjoy a romantic ambiance, add this design to your list of possibilities.
  2. Heated Pools – While homeowners in places like Phoenix, Dallas, and Miami do not need to worry about heating a pool, those in Overland Park, Kansas, do. Just imagine taking a dip in warm water even with the outside temperature hovering around 40 degrees. Unlike heating systems of the past, those coming on the market are more efficient, meaning you can heat your pool but spend less money to do it. 
  1. Pool Ledges – If you enjoy floating in the water on a raft, perhaps a built-in pool ledge is ideal. As the name implies, this consists of a concrete raised surface in the water. Among the different pool designs for 2019, a lot of people love this idea. Not only does it provide a place for adults to relax and sunbathe, but it also creates a safety factor for smaller children.


When it comes to pool designs, the sky is the limit. It all comes down to working with the right pool builder – a professional who can take your vision and turn it into a reality. For even more options, browse the internet or sit down one-on-one with a builder to come up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.