What Are Spa Kits and Why Do Overland Park, KS Spa Owners Need Them?

If you are seriously considering having an outdoor spa installed in the backyard of your Overland Park, KS home, there is a lot to learn. Especially if you plan to test the water, keep it clean, and maintain the equipment yourself, it is imperative that you get up to speed on what all you need and why.


Spa kits are perfect for doing the work yourself. As you search all the things required as a spa owner, you will come across information on kits, which contain everything that you need to keep your new spa clean and functional. You will receive the appropriate chemicals to keep the water properly balanced. Using included test strips and products, you will have no problem maintaining the proper pH and alkaline level, plus more.


Depending on the spa kits that you consider buying, some also come with algae cleaner. Although this is seldom an issue for Overland Park, KS, homeowners, if you go on vacation, then you would need to not only treat the water ahead of time but also possibly eliminate the buildup of any algae after returning home.


Spa kits can also include a calcium booster, a metal cleaner in case any metal parts or components of the spa cause rusted areas, foam cleaner for keeping the tile in pristine condition, enzymes, and even products for cleaning the spa cover. In fact, some of the better kits include aromatherapy granules or liquid to make water smell incredible. Although you can choose from a broad range of fragrances, eucalyptus, lavender, mango, apple, pomegranate, rain, strawberries, and vanilla are among the best-sellers.


You can choose spa kits that provide chrome and metal cleaner specific for the pump and filter, keeping them in proper working condition. By using the products as instructed by the manufacturer, you should not have to invest a lot of time or effort in keeping the spa at your Overland Park, KS, home in perfect condition.


As you can see, everything that comes with spa kits is for cleaning and maintaining the water, surfaces, equipment, and even the cover. With so many options, the selection process might seem confusing. For help, talk to a professional pool and spa builder, who can recommend the best kit for your needs. Because the kits are easy to use, you can do the work yourself, but it is still nice to know that professional help is only a phone call away.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting in Overland Park, Kansas

When choosing the right landscape lighting, you need to factor in multiple things. For instance, consider how trees, shrubs, and bushes cast shadows, which vary from one geographic location to another. While large oak, Japanese maple, and dogwood trees are common in Overland Park, Kansas, cacti are common in Arizona.


To make the selection of landscape lighting easier, the six tips provided will help.


  1. Size and Placement – Different lighting fixtures get used in unique ways to enhance and highlight an exterior area. Depending on the location of installation at your Overland Park, Kansas, home, you can select from pendant and hanging lights, front wall sconces, outside garage lights, fence lights, lamp posts, fixtures that enhance a pool or jacuzzi, and so on.
  2. UV Rating – Also, choose landscape lighting that is UL damp or wet rated. That way, you never have to worry about damage or malfunction when exposed to rain, snow, or pool water.


  1. Purpose, Type, and Location – Factor in the purpose type and installation of the lights. If you want to illuminate an outdoor patio or kitchen in your Overland Park, Kansas, backyard, exterior chandelier or pendant lighting is ideal. However, if you prefer beautiful lights that also enhance the security of your property, flood lighting is the right option.


  1. Materials and Finishes – Today, landscape lighting comes in a broad range of materials and finishes. In this case, choose fixtures that can withstand the environment but also enhance the outdoor space. For instance, copper fixtures would look stunning around a swimming pool.


  1. Styles – Consider the style of light fixtures to coordinate with and complement the yard, such as modern, antique, nautical, or rustic.


  1. Lighting Controls – Finally, you want to choose the best controls for your landscape light You can select from dimmers, remote controls, solar, timers, motion sensors, and dusk-to-dawn controls.

How to Choose a Pool Design on a Budget for Your Overland Park, Kansas Home

Although you need to stick to a relatively tight budget, you can still choose a beautiful pool design for your Overland Park, Kansas, home. A misconception about pools is that only the rich can afford them. In reality, there are ways to get the cost down so that it fits your budget.


While you may have to skip over a Gunite pool, which is a cutting-edge option, you still have plenty of other possibilities. For instance, both fiberglass and vinyl-liner pools are incredible choices that are not as expensive. Along with making the right decisions about the pool design and other factors relating to installation, this will help dramatically decrease the cost.


  • Pool Size – To stick to your budget yet end up with an incredible pool design, decrease the size of the pool. Regardless of the pool’s length and width, it will provide years of fun and excitement.
  • Minimal Add-Ons – Also, reduce the number of options that you select for the pool design. You might choose a more straightforward lighting feature, have a standard diving board installed as opposed to one made of concrete, and do the sweeping and vacuuming by hand instead of getting a built-in cleaner.


  • Pool Deck – You can also save money by having a smaller pool deck installed. Even then, consider pavers or a decorative concrete finish, which are beautiful yet affordably priced.


  • Protective Fencing – Especially if you have small children and pets, you want protective fencing added to the pool design. However, being on a budget, you might get a group of friends together to build one instead of buying something.


  • Hire the Right Pool Builder – The pool builder who you select in Overland Park, Kansas, will impact the overall cost. Therefore, conduct research and choose wisely.