What Is the Difference between Fiberglass and Gunite Pools in Overland Park?

Unlike places like Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, which offer warm climates all year round, Overland Park, Kansas, has four distinct seasons. Because of this, choosing a reputable pool builder and the right material is critical to make sure your pool can handle whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

In Overland Park, Premier Pools and Spas is rated as a top pool builder, with locations throughout the country and a solid reputation of excellence. Two popular pool options in Overland Park are fiberglass and Gunite; to decide which is best for your pool, consider the following information.

Fiberglass Pools in Overland Park

Fiberglass swimming pools are prefinished shells that are delivered then installed in the ground. Although installation might seem easy, this type of pool must be installed by a professional.

There are two primary benefits in choosing a fiberglass pool. First, this is a more cost-efficient option. Even though some customization is possible, overall the cost of the pool itself and the installation will be less expensive when compared to Gunite pools in Overland Park. Second, the process is faster, with the pool installed in about three weeks.

Because fiberglass pools have a smooth surface, maintenance is relatively easy. The only real downside is that over time, the material can crack. For a home in Overland Park, this becomes a greater risk because of fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

Gunite Pools in Overland Park

A Gunite pool in Overland Park, Kansas, is built rather than installed. The pool is made from a mixture of sand, cement, or crushed slag with water. Then, to create the surface interior, Gunite is sprayed on. This material is extremely adaptable; therefore, it offers more flexibility in creating custom designs.

Overall, this is a more expensive option, but as an investment, it would also be seen as a bonus if you ever sell your home. For build time, a small Gunite pool takes up to six weeks to complete, whereas larger pools can take as long as 12 weeks.

Avoiding the Biggest and Most Common Mistakes When Searching for a Kansas City Pool Builder

Swimming pools in Kansas City are typically viewed more as a luxury than necessity. Although many homes offer this feature, because an outdoor pool can only be enjoyed four to five months out of the year (unless heated), there are fewer pools here than in cities with warmer climates year-round.

When choosing a Kansas City pool builder, you want to pick a reputable company that employs highly trained professionals who possess the required expertise to build the right type of pool for a competitive price. Premier Pools and Spas is an excellent Kansas City pool builder that nationwide has built more than 35,000 swimming pools.

Here are some common mistakes and how you can avoid them:

  • Size – When it comes to swimming pools, the rule of “the bigger the better” does not necessarily apply. For instance, if someday you decide to sell your home, having a yard that consists of a pool and no grass will turn many potential buyers away
  • Upkeep – Another common mistake is having no understanding of the upkeep involved. Water composition, including pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, must stay at appropriate levels by using specific chemicals. In addition, the pool’s interior needs to be vacuumed and cleaned, and as fall approaches, the water will need to be drained and the pool winterized.
  • Cost – Something else to consider is cost. Before signing on the dotted line, all costs should be outlined in a formal contract. This ensures you will not pay more to have the pool built if the cost of materials increases for some reason. The other aspect is the cost of maintenance. Chemicals, tools, and accessories must be factored into the monthly budget. Without knowing the monthly expense of upkeep, you may end up not being able to afford the pool.