Exciting Pool Lighting Options to Consider

For many years, people have few pool lighting options. In fact, the light on one end was the only illumination available. Today, things are quite different. Thanks to forward-thinking builders, you can consider several possibilities. Not only does lighting create a safer area in and around the pool but it also adds to the overall ambiance.


  • Safety Lights – Whether you have children or invite family and friends over who do, you will never go wrong having this type of pool lighting installed. As implied, these lights illuminate areas around the deck, walkway, and stairs, thereby reducing any risk of injury.


  • LED Lights – LED lights are among the more popular choices of pool lighting because they are energy efficient, which keeps the cost of electricity down, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can have LED lights installed inside the pool or used to adorn the deck area.


  • Fiber Optic Lights – Fiber optic pool lighting is also a great consideration, especially if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated space in your backyard. The subtlety of these lights makes them another top choice.


  • Solar Floating Lights – Fun yet practical, solar floating lights make an excellent choice. If you want to highlight the bottom of the pool, you can have these lights installed on the sides and point downward. However, you can also allow the lights to flow freely. Available in multiple colors, this is an excellent way to liven up a party.


  • Color-Changing Lights – You might also think about having color-changing pool lighting installed. Used both inside the water and around the deck, you can select one color, or a variety of colors based on the look you want to achieve.


  • Party Lights – Another possibility for pool lighting consists of party lights. Although these do not go in the water, they are gorgeous when used to decorate a gazebo, patio, or the pool deck.