Backyard Landscaping Ideas for a Small Space

Just because you have a single-family house, condominium, or patio home with a small space in the back does not mean you have to compromise on design. Thanks to experts who provide excellent backyard landscaping solutions, you can turn a tiny area into a gorgeous place to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning or spend time with friends in the evening.

Although you can come up with backyard landscaping ideas yourself and ask the professional for suggestions, you might start by considering some of the ideas listed below.

  • Think Vertical – With limitations, you need to utilize every inch of the space, both horizontally and vertically. Tall, slender trees, trellises, and a pagoda from which you can have plants and flowers are all excellent options. As you scour the space behind your house, look for any opportunity to go vertical.
  • Designated Spaces – For backyard landscaping, another idea involves establishing designated spaces. Using wooden dividers or tall plants, you can create one area where you relax in the morning with a cup of coffee, and where you gather with friends for good conversation, and a place where the children can play safely. When done correctly, creating designated spaces can help make a small backyard appear larger.
  • Contemporary Flair – Even with 1,000 feet of space or less, if you want a modern backyard, start with alternating bands of pebbles and stone paving, followed by placing five shiny silver balls of varying sizes on the surface. The reflection of clouds and light create an illusion of having greater space.
  • Edible Plants – Another excellent option for backyard landscaping consists of using edible plants and flowers in place of more traditional greenery. Not only will the area look gorgeous, but it will also provide you with herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers to enjoy at mealtime.
  • Hammock Haven – If the amount of space is extremely limited, focus more on how you can create an area for relaxation. In this case, you could set up two hammocks that make a V shape. In between the two, place a chimenea, shade tree, or water feature.