Set the Mood With the Right Backyard Lighting

While backyard lighting enhances both safety and security, it also sets the mood. Whether you want an outdoor space that looks and feels festive, coastal, romantic, sophisticated, or something entirely different, it is essential you have the correct light fixtures installed. For this, you can work with a professional who builds swimming pools and hot tubs, designs landscaping, and installs lights.

  • Cascading Lights – If your goal is to create an intimate space outside, small cascading lights are a perfect choice. The expert can hang these from trees, the edge of the roof, or use a system to suspend them over whatever area you want. Add a hammock and music for a romantic aura. An expert can even create faux waterfalls using cascading lights. Whether hung as a partial or full wall, they look stunning.
  • Upward Lighting – Many people choose upward backyard lighting as a way to highlight a specific tree. However, for a tropical vibe, consider having an oversized Polynesian statue added to a corner of your yard surrounded by banana trees, palms, or other tropical-inspired plants. Not far away, place a water feature or have a Koi pond installed. When illuminated, you will feel as though you are somewhere on an isolated island.
  • Planter Lights – Placing cool-to-the-touch lights inside of containers around your pool or on the patio helps create a relaxing atmosphere. If you enjoy visits by family and friends or like to unwind with a cocktail in hand after a hectic day at work, this is an excellent option.
  • Pops of Color – For a vibrant look, select backyard lighting in bright colors. You can also find some uniquely shaped fixtures designed specifically for outdoor use.

 Homey and Comfortable – You can create a more casual atmosphere with log lights. In this case, the lights set inside of cut tree trunks with splits on the sides. The openings are just big enough to allow rays of light to shine through. For this, you might consider a grouping or use them to light a pathway.