Pool Design for Your Backyard

Backyard Pool Premier Pools and Spa

Backyard Pool Premier Pools and Spa

A pool is a great addition to almost any yard. Pools are fun for people of all ages. Depending on their size, they can be good for exercising or just relaxing, and they are perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. However, while a pool can fit into most yards, not every pool works with every yard. You need to have a pool installed that matches your yard – or you can take the opportunity to give the whole yard a redesign.

Creating Your Pool Design 

If you are making your pool the centerpiece of your yard, you need to make sure it looks good along with serving its function of entertainment. This can be achieved with the pool deck and with contouring the edges. A plain rectangular pool is a bit boring, but with just a little detailing, it can really pop.

When designing your pool, you need to consider the size of your yard first. While it can be tempting to make the pool as large as possible, you need to decide how much space you will need for landscaping as well as for patio furniture or a grill. You also have to make sure to leave sufficient space around the edges of the pool for people to walk safely and comfortably. Arranging the yard and the pool to make things easier for you when you have to clean the pool or to avoid swimmers dripping on certain areas are also good ideas.

Integrating the Landscape 

You have two options: you can either work a pool into your current landscaping, or create a whole new yard with the pool as the focus. While it is not strictly necessary to integrate your landscaping with your pool design, it is definitely a good idea to do so. If you do not, you may run into functional errors, and at the least, your yard will look much less put together when you have guests.

It is a good idea to hire a company that does both pool installation and landscaping to make your pool. That way you will have only one contractor with a consistent plan to deal with. This is especially true if you want your new pool design to be the centerpiece of your yard. A pool installation company will have a better understanding of the pool design and therefore will know better what will complement it.

Premier Pools of Kansas City

If you are in the Kansas City area and are looking to create a whole new look for your yard, complete with pool, look no further than Premier Pools of Kansas City. We install and maintain many different pool designs, and have all the equipment and knowhow to make the rest of your hard look amazing as well. We even install outdoor lighting! Our products are high quality, as is our work. Give us a call whenever you decide that a backyard pool would be the perfect addition to your life.