What Are Gunite Pools?

If you are in the market for a swimming pool, you may be surprised by how many there are for you to choose from. It’s definitely worth your time looking into this though, as you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing a pool if it means you’re going to end up regretting the kind you chose.

Many people throughout Overland Park, Kansas have warmed up to the idea of gunite pools. While this version is far from rare, most people will probably need a description.

Gunite pools use a rebar framework to form the pool. Then a mixture of concrete and sand is sprayed over it to create its overall shape.

One of the biggest advantages to this type of pool is the fact that rebar creates a solid framework.  It’s reinforced steel, after all. Whatever the elements have in store for your Overland Park pool, steel is going to be your best bet for withstanding it.

Despite the fact that it is strong, the other advantage rebar lends gunite pools is that it allows for much more flexible designs. You can often tell a pool is made using rebar because the shape isn’t the traditional rectangle. It can curve or open up larger at one end. This is a huge benefit for people who don’t have a perfectly geometric backyard or have things like patios or gardens that may take up some of the space.

You’ll also have a number of different finishes to choose from with your gunite pool, meaning you can coordinate with the style of the rest of your home. Plaster is a popular material to choose, as is glass, pebbles or a combination of the two. Combined with the fact that gunite pools make it easy to add custom steps, waterfalls, and other features and you can probably see why they are becoming the preferred option in Overland Park, Kansas.

Consider a gunite pool for your home and benefit from all the amazing features it has to offer. Your family will love it and your Overland Park home will look better than ever.