Are Vinyl Liner Pools a Good Choice for Overland Park, Kansas, Hotels?

When visiting hotels around the country, you expect to see either fiberglass or Gunite swimming pools. However, as the owner of a hotel in Overland Park, Kansas, you want to know if those are your only options. The fact is that vinyl liner pools have increased in popularity, not only for homes but also for businesses.

The vinyl liner pools available today are nothing like their predecessors. For instance, you can have the pool built based on your preferred aesthetics. Since this type of pool consists of a broad range of radii and straight flexible panels that get assembled, the sky is the limit as far as shape and size. Even if the pool area has an odd configuration or restricted space, a professional pool builder can easily accommodate.

You will also love the fact that vinyl liner pools come in three unique types, each with incredible advantages. Beaded liners get installed on a track, overlap pool liners get installed under a coping strip, and unibead liners require a J-hook for installation. Since each type produces a slightly different effect, talk to the pool builder for a professional recommendation.

Another reason why vinyl liner pools make an excellent choice for Overland Park, Kansas, hotels is the varying degree of thicknesses. If your hotel is relatively large with a considerable number of pool guests, you want to go with a 25- to 30-mil-thick liner. That thickness will stand up to daily pool use. When properly cared for, your vinyl liner pool can easily last 10 years or more.

To achieve a beautiful design aesthetic, you can also choose from different colors of vinyl, including a light to dark blue and varying shades of green. For a cohesive look and to create a pool with a distinctive personality, you might consider a coordinated color scheme.