Examples of Pool Remodels Most Popular in Overland Park, Kansas

At one time, few homes in Overland Park, Kansas, had swimming pools. With four distinct seasons, homeowners had a hard time justifying the installation. Due to advanced technologies, exciting features, improved materials, and unique types and styles, backyard pools are now relatively common. If your pool needs upgrading or you purchased a home with a pool but prefer something different, you might spend time researching pool remodels.

When it comes to pool remodels, there are multiple possibilities. For instance, if you have sufficient backyard space, you could change the shape of the pool. Rather than go through extensive construction, a pool builder can attach a spa to the pool. Not only is the addition gorgeous and functional, but you also can choose a different color of water, if wanted.

Pool remodels that include the addition of a grotto are also in high demand. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can go with something small and simple or large and extravagant. Either way, having a hidden cave that you and family or guests can swim through is exciting and fun. If you want to go all out, you might consider having fiber optic lighting installed inside of the grotto.

A waterfall also ranks high among pool remodels for homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas. As with a grotto, waterfalls come in a broad range of design options. Regardless of your decision, there is something extra-special about the sight of a waterfall attached to a pool and the soothing sound of water as it cascades over the rock formation. To enhance the waterfall, a professional pool builder can install lighting or beautiful landscaping.

Some of the other pool remodel options worth noting include a concrete water slide, a geyser in the center of the pool, and a swim-up bar, complete with seats.