What Creates a Need for Professional Pool Equipment Repair in Overland Park, KS?

Whether you own a home or business in Overland Park, KS, if you have a swimming pool, you can expect to need pool equipment repair services at some point. Although professionals work on multiple problems, some are more common than others. The pump is the primary reason for needing professional pool equipment repair services.

Typically, a high-quality motor will last between 8 and 10 years, but if you notice a screeching sound, there is a good chance it needs replacing or repair. Following are a couple of other examples of things that can go wrong.

Leaking Pump

 A leaking pump is a relatively common occurrence, typically indicating the threaded fitting carrying water from the pump has shrunk due to heat. Fortunately, the fix is easy. Replacing the damaged fitting with one designed for high heat will prevent this problem from reoccurring. While you can probably handle that, if the mechanical shaft seal wore out, you should seek professional pool equipment repair services.


The noise you heard coming from the pump that you thought was the equipment failing might actually mean cavitation. For this problem, instead of a screeching sound, the pump growls. Cavitation is the result of starving the pump of water. Although you might try unblocking any obstruction or opening more valves, you may need professional pool equipment repair if the clog involves the impeller.

This same problem can develop when the current pump has more power than what the plumbing setup can handle. In that case, an expert will need to determine the appropriate size of pump required for your pool in Overland Park, KS, and then replace it.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the underlying problem, if you have no experience working on pool equipment, it is always in your best interest to hire a professional. After all, your pool operates on more equipment than just the pump. There is also the filter, chlorinator, circulation system, flow meter, gate valve, gauge, and a host of other things. In Overland Park, KS, your pool may also have a heating system.

Without experience and expertise, you could accidentally cause more harm than good. For your Overland Park, KS, home or business, it is important to keep your pool in optimal condition. That way, when you open it in late spring to early summer, you can enjoy it without worrying about problems.