Easy-to-Follow Pool Maintenance Tips

When it comes to swimming pools, proper maintenance goes a long way in keeping the water clean and sanitary. In fact, taking the appropriate steps will extend the life of your pool. None of these pool maintenance tips are difficult. Just a small investment of time and effort will ensure a functional and beautiful pool for everyone to enjoy.


  • Filter Basket – Remove dirt and debris from the filter basket weekly. That prevents the filter from overworking.
  • Skimming – Skimming the pool water once a day, more often when needed, is one of the most vital pool maintenance tips. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to remove all the floating debris.


  • Scrubbing – Especially in Kansas and Missouri, high humidity levels notoriously cause problems with algae growth. To prevent a buildup, take time to scrub the sides and bottom of the pool every other week. If you notice algae in between scrubbing times, tackle the problem immediately.


  • Chemicals – Checking the chemical levels is another one of the most critical pool maintenance tips. The goal is to maintain the perfect pH, alkaline, and acidity levels. By keeping bacteria at bay, you end up with clean and safe water for swimming. Also, maintain the correct level of chlorine. This is by far the most crucial of all pool chemicals because it sanitizes.


  • Water Level – It is also imperative to maintain the right level of water in the pool so that the pump and filter do not work harder than necessary.


  • Oil Absorption – One of the most innovative pool maintenance tips involves floating tennis balls in the water instead of using expensive products. Within no time, they soak up oil and grease from suntan lotions, sprays, and creams.


  • Annual Maintenance – To make sure there are no cracks, damaged equipment, and so on, contact a reputable pool builder to perform yearly maintenance. That individual will check everything, including the chemical levels.