Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting to Complement Your Pool

As part of having a pool installed, there are multiple things to consider. As an example, you need to determine the type of in-ground pool, whether vinyl-lined, fiberglass, or gunite; and choose from the available colors and features.

However, you also want to put some thought into the type of landscape lighting to use in your Overland Park backyard. In this case, you want lighting that will enhance your new pool, along with other design elements and the greenery of the backyard.

Start by considering the way the pool is used, as well as how often and when. If your pool is used primarily after dark for entertaining family, friends, and/or clients, it is important to have the right amount of illumination. For example, LED pathway lighting will help guide people to the pool area. In addition, choose landscape lighting for your Overland Park home that showcases your beautiful new pool, as well as other backyard features.

If your new pool will be enjoyed mostly by you and a spouse or partner, then mood lighting is a perfect option. Think about landscape lighting for your Overland Park home that has a soft glow, perhaps something like hanging decorative lanterns. In addition to that, you can have ground-level lights added that bring subtle attention to plants bordering the pool.

There are also endless possibilities as far as the style of lighting. You want to focus on the architecture of the home, the style and size of the pool, and the greenery in the yard itself. The goal is to select a style of landscape lighting for your Overland Park home that complements various design elements, including the swimming pool. For example, the style chosen for a country setting would be very different from a setting that is elegant and refined.