What Defines Custom Swimming Pools in Kansas?

You have probably heard people talk about custom swimming pools in Kansas in the past. However, the possibilities for customized swimming pools are completely different from what pool builders used to offer. When working with a reputable company, almost anything is possible.

As a perfect example, when choosing a gunite pool, there are multiple color choices. For gunite swimming pools in Kansas, homeowners are no longer stuck with a plain white, blue, or green pool interior. Instead, a gunite pool can be built using a wide variety of blues and greens that appear to have swirling movement. Depending on the homeowners’ preferences, the effect can be subtle or exaggerated.

Although a gunite swimming pool involves a special cement and sand mixture that is sprayed over rebar, there is also a choice of customized finishes. One of the more popular trends seen with these custom swimming pools in Kansas is the addition of pebbles, glass, and crystals. As the sun hits the pool during the day and with the reflection of landscape lighting at night, the pool sparkles.

There are many additional ways to create custom swimming pools in Kansas. These include unique entry options, built-in fountains, fire pits, waterfalls, concrete slides, diving rocks, built-in seating, swim-up bars, and rock tunnels. Regardless of how you want to customize your pool, it is essential to work with a reputable and trusted pool builder. That way, both the traditional and customized elements of the pool meet your expectations.

With custom swimming pools in Kansas, the goal is to create something of beauty, almost like a personal masterpiece. However, customized elements are also intended to provide homeowners with an outdoor space that is perfect for relaxing with family and friends, hosting special events for clients, and having a natural oasis for escaping the responsibilities of daily life.

In addition to being excited about the different design elements for custom swimming pools in Kansas, residents love the options for advanced technology. Today, custom pools are designed with high-tech features, like automatic lighting, self-cleaning, motorized pool covers, and more. Overall, these and other technologies make owning a pool easier and more enjoyable.

Even landscape lighting has become an important part of pool customization. This lighting sets the mood and provides illumination for added safety and security.

The bottom line is that custom swimming pools in Kansas are designed to enhance overall enjoyment and functionality.