The Best Way to Coordinate Aesthetics of Pools and Patios in Kansas


When pools and patios in Kansas have different aesthetics, there is a disconnect that makes the backyard area seem “off.” In addition to looking odd, this creates challenges in getting from one area to another. Especially if you enjoy spending time with family or hosting special gatherings with friends or clients, you want your backyard area to flow seamlessly.

In fact, by coordinating pools and patios, Kansas backyards often appear much larger than they actually are. However, from an aesthetic perspective, you want a space that looks cohesive, something that you feel proud of and want to share. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to achieve this goal.

The patio floor and pool deck can be the same or designed to complement one another. As an example, you do not want patio floors constructed of brick and a stamped pool deck that resembles natural stone. Not only are the textures different, the colors quite possibly will be, as well. Something like this actually cheapens pools and patios at Kansas homes.

Even if you prefer two unique looks, stay within the same color scheme and ensure the design coordinates well. For the patio floors, you might consider a decorative concrete overlay consisting of a mix of small and large exposed aggregate. For the pool deck, you might consider smaller exposed aggregate bordered by large aggregate. This creates a unique aesthetic for both areas yet pulls them together.

The same is true with color. You can stick with the same color or, if preferred, choose colors within the same family. For instance, you might consider a rich bronze concrete floor for the patio and a deep tan color for the pool deck. There is no need for Kansas patios and pools to match perfectly; instead, choose options that coordinate well.

Pools and patios in Kansas can also be enhanced with the application of decorative concrete or specialty finishes on more than just the floor and pool deck. Both of these applications look amazing on other surfaces, including countertops, walls, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, water features, and more.

If your goal is to achieve a unique aesthetic, you have the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. To create something special for pools and patios in Kansas, a professional pool builder is always an excellent source. Together, you and the expert can come up with design elements for creating the backyard of your dreams.