Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Spa for a Commercial Property


If you are interested in a standalone outdoor spa or one connected to a swimming pool, it is essential that you make wise decisions. You want to not only hire the right builder but also select a design that best promotes your commercial property, whether it is a hotel, apartment complex, or fitness center.

To make the selection of an outdoor spa easier, consider the following tips:

  • Size – Start by choosing the appropriate size. If you own or manage a luxurious hotel, you probably want to stick with something that can accommodate between six and eight people. Because most hotel guests will use it for relaxation, you want to keep the spa relatively small. However, when having one installed at an apartment complex, you could increase the capacity to eight or 10 people since tenants most often will use it along with their family and friends.
  • Location – You need to determine the best location for your new outdoor spa. For a commercial property, you want to provide people with easy access. Because of that, you can consider an indoor and outdoor area. If you have the spa installed outside, keep it away from overhanging trees to prevent extra maintenance caused by falling leaves and debris.
  • Amenities – Today, you can choose from a broad range of design options for your outdoor spa. Based on the budget and the type of commercial property, you can have the builder add built-in cupholders, fiberoptic lighting, tiered seating, fountains, a sound system, and more.

 Jets, Filtration, and Purification – Especially when having an outdoor spa installed on a commercial property, quality filtration and purification are essential. When you work with a reputable builder, the expert will determine the best pump and filter system combination to keep your spa clean and sanitized. As for the jets, you can choose almost any number. For ultimate relaxation, go with jets that focus on the lower back, neck, and feet.