Incorporating Rock Features in a Custom Pool Design

The most exciting aspect of a custom pool design is that you have control over what the builder includes. A reputable builder can create a unique design, something unlike that of your neighbors, family, and friends. In addition to fiber optics, a sound system, geysers, a swim-up bar, an attached spa, and a host of other amenities, one of the most beautiful additions is a rock feature.


At one time, people considered a small rock feature at one end of the pool with a slow trickle of water cascading down innovative. Today, builders include incredible rock features as part of a custom pool design. With a unique feature, everyone will want to spend time at your house during the hot summer months.


Following are just a few examples of the various rock features that you might consider as part of your custom pool design. Keep in mind that instead of using these as is, a respected builder will customize the rock feature along with the other pool amenities.


  • Built-In Slide – Perhaps one of the coolest ideas consists of having a slide built right into the rock feature. Depending on the look that you prefer, you can choose a colorful slide, white slide, or one that blends in with the rock formation.
  • Tunnel Slide – Similar to the built-in slide, this custom pool design feature differs by having the slide go through a tunnel. This rock formation is something that people of all ages will enjoy.


  • Stairway to an Upper Tier – Another wonderful rock feature includes a stairway off to one side that leads to a sunbathing area. For anyone who prefers to soak up the rays in privacy, this option is perfect.


  • Grotto – Although a grotto (swim-through cave) is nothing new, for your custom pool design, the builder can produce a unique concept on your behalf.