Options for the Most Affordable Swimming Pools in Kansas

If you are interested in having a pool added to your backyard, you have many options, even when you are on a limited budget. Affordable swimming pools in Kansas are possible when you make the right decisions, including the best type of material, pool design, and more.

As a perfect example, while you might spend a little more upfront for a gunite pool, because it is low maintenance and virtually indestructible, you save in the long run. Gunite, which is a mixture of sand and concrete, creates a high-end aesthetic. In addition to the pool providing you and your family with years of fun, it will definitely increase the value of your home. For that reason alone, it is an excellent investment.

Another option for affordable swimming pools in Kansas is to limit the size. Although you might have your heart set on a massive pool, by going smaller, you will spend less. A smaller pool will still provide everyone with plenty of fun yet cost less to build and maintain. You will also spend less time cleaning. You might also think about a standard design, as opposed to a custom one.

Consider having your pool built during the off-season. While this can be somewhat tricky because of cold weather in Kansas, pool builders are not as busy. Sometimes, they will do the job for less money than it would cost during the peak season. Although there is no guarantee that you will save money this way, it is certainly worth pursuing.

It is important to get quotes from various contractors. You will be surprised at how much prices can vary, so it is worth your time to talk to a number of experts. If you want to have a new swimming pool installed, as well as landscaping and amenities like barbecue grill or fire pit, you should look for a company that does it all. By working with a company like Premier Pools and Space of KC that offers all these services and more, you will spend less than if you have piecemeal work done by several companies.

Affordable pools in Kansas come in the form of an in-ground-like alternative. For example, semi-in-ground pools are less expensive while providing you with many of the same benefits as a full in-ground pool. There is also the option of going with an aboveground swimming pool, which comes in many great sizes and styles. By using these suggestions, you have the opportunity of having a private pool installed without spending a fortune.