Why Custom Pools in Kansas Are Growing in Popularity

Some people are surprised about the growing demand for custom pools in Kansas since this typically is something seen more on the West Coast. However, with so many exciting options available, many area homeowners and business owners are opting for customization as opposed to a standard pool.

While both Kansas and Missouri are notorious for their brutally cold and often snow-blanketed winters, these sister states also have hot summers. For approximately five months, families, apartment dwellers, and hotel guests have the perfect opportunity to spend time relaxing by a pool or swimming for fun or exercise. With a number of public pools closing, people now recognize the long-term value of custom pools in Kansas.

In addition, more families are spending quality time together, whether at home or while on vacation. Therefore, custom pools in Kansas make perfect sense for people who enjoy family gatherings or time with friends. In fact, certain areas of Kansas, including Johnson County, are home to top executives of large corporations. A custom pool is perfect for hosting special client events.

Custom pools are also growing in popularity in Kansas due to so many people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. For homeowners, having a pool in the backyard eliminates the need to visit a community center or fitness club for exercise. Instead, they simply walk aside and swim or do laps in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Kansas businesses are finding that custom pools provide guests a special perk. For example, many hotels and even community centers offer pools with unique features. As an example, a pool can have a deep end for swimming, lapping, and diving; a shallow area for kids or inexperienced swimmers; and a “river” that provides an excellent means of resistance for exercise.

The bottom line is that beautifully designed custom pools have become increasingly popular in Kansas over the years, a trend that is expected to continue.