Are There Any Unique Requirements for Building Pools in Kansas?

Unlike states with warm temperatures all year round, Kansas has four distinct seasons. That means that instead of swimming from January to December as people in Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix do, there are only about five months when a pool is used. However, if pools in Kansas are heated and perhaps covered, they can be enjoyed all year long.

Even with a heated pool, some Kansas homeowners question if there are special requirements for building pools. One thing that applies to Kansas and many other states are that both residential and commercial pools are subject to approved permits. As long as your contractor goes through the appropriate channels for securing the permits, you will have no problem.

Although the state of Kansas has no broadly applicable pool laws, several local governments adopted certain standards. For example, in Johnson County, both public and privately owned pools are mandated to have some type of protective fence, wall, or some other barrier. As part of this, the barrier must be at minimum 5 feet tall, with a self-closing and self-latching door or gate complete with hardware for padlocking. If a pool cover is used, it must meet certain requirements, as well.

As for the actual pools in Kansas, the same materials and techniques used in other states are used. That means that you have the same opportunities for a standard or custom swimming pool. The only difference is that custom pools generally require a little more time to complete. However, you have an amazing unique design.

You can also choose the material. Some people prefer vinyl liner pools while others want something that requires less maintenance and is nearly indestructible, like gunite pools.

The construction of pools in Kansas is much the same as everywhere else. Regardless of where you live, it is important to choose a reputable company to handle the installation. That way, you have a quality built pool that can be enjoyed without any concerns.