An Introduction to Gunite Pools for People in Overland Park, KS

Although an increasing number of home and business owners in Overland Park, KS, now have pools, there is still room for growth. In addition, some people are still unfamiliar with Gunite pools, which offer tremendous value.

Before mixing sand and cement, which serves as the material for Gunite pools, the site gets excavated based on the pool’s size, depth, and configuration. During an approximately eight-week period, experts construct a cage of steel rebar, which spreads across the entire width of the future pool, including the walls. For the deep end or any freestanding raised wall, the experts use extra steel for reinforcement.

Instead of placing the network of steel on top of the exposed soil, it remains suspended several inches so that when spraying the Gunite material inside the hole, it reaches underneath the steel. The crew continues spraying the material at high velocity to cover the pool floor and walls. Once properly cured, plaster comprised of marble dust and cement gets applied on top of the Gunite material. The plaster waterproofs the pool; to enhance overall aesthetics and durability, this blend might include colored quartz aggregate.

Included in the construction of a Gunite pool are electricity, plumbing, and perimeter coping. With incredible versatility and strength, the pool will provide you with years of enjoyment. Along with unlimited options for size, shape, and design, a professional pool builder can enhance the overall design effect of your Gunite pool by adding a grotto, concrete waterslide, swim-up bar, waterfall, geyser, and a host of other things.

A professional pool builder can install a coordinating spa, along with beautiful outdoor lighting and landscape greenery. With so many incredible qualities, a Gunite pool is perfect for people living and working in Overland Park, KS.