How to Choose a Pool Design on a Budget for Your Overland Park, Kansas Home

Although you need to stick to a relatively tight budget, you can still choose a beautiful pool design for your Overland Park, Kansas, home. A misconception about pools is that only the rich can afford them. In reality, there are ways to get the cost down so that it fits your budget.


While you may have to skip over a Gunite pool, which is a cutting-edge option, you still have plenty of other possibilities. For instance, both fiberglass and vinyl-liner pools are incredible choices that are not as expensive. Along with making the right decisions about the pool design and other factors relating to installation, this will help dramatically decrease the cost.


  • Pool Size – To stick to your budget yet end up with an incredible pool design, decrease the size of the pool. Regardless of the pool’s length and width, it will provide years of fun and excitement.
  • Minimal Add-Ons – Also, reduce the number of options that you select for the pool design. You might choose a more straightforward lighting feature, have a standard diving board installed as opposed to one made of concrete, and do the sweeping and vacuuming by hand instead of getting a built-in cleaner.


  • Pool Deck – You can also save money by having a smaller pool deck installed. Even then, consider pavers or a decorative concrete finish, which are beautiful yet affordably priced.


  • Protective Fencing – Especially if you have small children and pets, you want protective fencing added to the pool design. However, being on a budget, you might get a group of friends together to build one instead of buying something.


  • Hire the Right Pool Builder – The pool builder who you select in Overland Park, Kansas, will impact the overall cost. Therefore, conduct research and choose wisely.