Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Covers for Kansas Homes and Businesses

Due to growing popularity, the number of residential and commercial pools in both Kansas and Missouri has increased significantly. As a long-term investment, people living on both the sides of the river know how important it is to properly maintain a pool. Part of this is the purchase of swimming pool covers for Kansas and Missouri homes and businesses.

Swimming pool covers are necessary in Kansas and Missouri during the cold winter months. Once the water is drained, the pool needs to be protected. During the fall, a pool cover keeps leaves and other debris out of the water. For rural locations, it prevents wildlife from getting into the pool and causing damage.

For families with small children or inexperienced swimmers and businesses that do not have a certified lifeguard on duty, safety swimming pool covers in Kansas and Missouri are critical. These pool covers are specially designed to prevent accidental drownings.

In addition to choosing the right type of cover, you need to purchase the appropriate size. Usually, you can obtain this information from the pool builder. However, if you moved into a home or bought a business with an existing pool, you will need to take proper measurements.

When measuring for a cover, regardless of the pool’s size, shape, or configuration, the most accurate method is with A-B triangulation. Mark each point with chalk at 3-foot intervals going around the perimeter of the pool, including any obstructions, such as a diving board, ladders, and so on. Using the A-B lines, along with cross-dimensions and other notes, you can determine the correct measurements.

Of course, you can also contact a professional pool builder to come to your Kansas or Missouri home or place of business to take measurements for you. With the right cover, a swimming pool is easier to clean and maintain. It will also provide more years of enjoyment.