How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Builder in Kansas


Having a swimming pool built is a major decision. You need to consider numerous factors, which includes choosing the right Kansas swimming pool builder. Regardless of the style, size, configuration, or type of pool you are interested in, the most important decision that you make is hiring the best builder.

Regardless of the planning involved, if you end up with an incompetent pool builder, expect to face a number of major challenges. However, when you choose the right Kansas swimming pool builder, the project will be completed according to your specifications.

Helpful Tips

To hire the right Kansas swimming pool builder, consider the following tips.

  • Recommendations – If a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor has an exceptional pool, ask for the name of his or her builder. Having the opportunity to actually see a finished project certainly gives you more confidence that your project will be just as great. Typically, you should talk to at least three different pool builders for making comparisons and having options.
  • Referrals – For the pool builders being considered, make sure that you ask for referrals. Remember, a reputable swimming pool builder in Kansas will never hesitate to provide any information you request, including referrals. Once you have a list of referrals, never assume what the builder says is true. Instead, contact the people on the list to ask about their overall experience.
  • Experience – When choosing the right swimming pool builder in Kansas, you have the right to check out the builder’s experience. Only then will you know for certain the types of pools that are built, any customized work that is performed, and other services that are offered to complement the pool, such as landscaping, special amenities, spa, and more.
  • Background – Beyond experience, any swimming pool builder in Kansas you consider should pass a background investigation. Check online and use services like the Better Business Bureau to determine if a company has received multiple complaints and the way in which those complaints were ultimately handled. The goal is to choose a company with a clean background.

When searching for the right swimming pool builder in Kansas, you have many options. One company that clearly stands out is Premier Pools and Spas of KC. In addition to having 60-plus years of experience in project management and hydraulic design, this pool builder has a solid reputation in many categories, including equipment repairs, renovation, pumps and filters, layout and excavation, upgrade features, and backyard accessories.