Enhancing the Backyard with a Swimming Pool in Kansas City

Do you enjoy entertaining family and friends? Are you tired of having an outdoor space that looks like that of all your neighbors? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider enhancing backyard space with a swimming pool in Kansas City. With the expertise of Premier Pools and Spas of KC, your entire yard can be transformed into something amazing, exciting, and fun.

We can offer you an amazing swimming pool design based on your research, or you can work with a representative to have a pool designed specifically for your backyard. For a customized pool, you will have assistance in choosing the appropriate size, shape, and layout that complements both your backyard and home. Even unique details, such as landscaping, water features, and more, can be added according to your personal preference.

Just a few ideas to consider for your new swimming pool in Kansas City include:

  • Recessed Lounge Area – To boost the entertainment value of your new swimming pool, you can have a recessed lounge area added. With this design feature, you offer guests comfortable seating within the water. Simply place colored or patterned seat cushions and pillows to your liking. Instantly, people have a gorgeous place to sit for good conversation or drinks.
  • Unique Shape – If you have a particular passion, you can have Premier Pools and Spas of KC create the perfect swimming pool in Kansas City accordingly. As an example, if you love rock and roll, a guitar-shaped pool complete with black string tiles on the bottom would look amazing.
  • Waterfall – You can even have a cascading waterfall added to your Kansas City swimming pool. In addition to enhancing the overall aesthetics, a waterfall is something fun for everyone to enjoy swimming around and under.

To change a boring backyard into something extraordinary, you have multiple options. Contact us today to get started.