Incredible Options for Custom Pools in Kansas

In Kansas, it is hard to enjoy an outdoor swimming pool year round. However, Premier Pools and Spas of KC builds some of the most amazing custom pools in the state, whether outdoors or indoors.

Custom pools are also in high demand for businesses, including fitness centers and hotels. If you love swimming for recreation, enjoy entertaining, and like the idea of using your own pool for exercise, this is the ideal time to consider the many possibilities for custom pools in Kansas.

Unlimited Possibilities

By working with Premier Pools and Spas of KC, you can leave much of the decision-making to the experts. If preferred, you can research custom pools options and then incorporate your own ideas.

  • Natural Pool – Among the most popular custom pools in Kansas are those that look natural. A pool surrounded by towering rocks, beautiful landscaping, and even a cascading waterfall looks more like a gorgeous stream and pond.
  • Infinity Pool – Although the concept of the modern-day infinity pool originated in France during the 15th century, it remains an excellent option. With this pool, the water appears to go on forever, similar to looking out over the ocean.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pool – A pool that is both indoors and outdoors is also an exceptional option. Just as the name implies, a portion of the pool is indoors while another portion is outdoors. Especially for Kansas, with its four full seasons, this custom pool design gives you more opportunity to enjoy the water throughout the year.
  • Pool and Spa Combination – By working with the experts at Premier Pools and Spas, you can have a combination pool/spa built. That way, you have an actual swimming pool for exercise and entertainment as well as a beautiful spa that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Regardless of which ideas for custom pools in Kansas you like most, it is important to hire a professional company with years of experience, which is exactly what Premier Pools and Spas of KC offers.