Is Your Vinyl Pool Liner Leaking?

It’s a sad fact of pool ownership – sooner or later, even the thickest vinyl pool liner will begin to leak. You’ll probably get a good many leak-free years from your liner, but as it ages, it will begin to lose its resiliency and become vulnerable to damage. If you can see the hole, it’s a simple enough matter to fix it using a patch kit. Even if the leak is underwater, wet patch kits are available that will get the job done.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you have a leak. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re losing more than an inch of water from your pool in any given week, not counting splashes and backwash, then it’s likely that you have a leak. Never allow a leak to go unrepaired – you could end up with corroded pool walls, washed-out backfill, and sinkholes due to washed-away sand.

Resist the temptation to drain your pool in order to find the leak. If you do this, then you’re going to have to have the liner reset by a professional, using a vacuum device to remove the air between the liner and the pool walls. You’re also running the risk of having the supporting walls cave in. It’s usually easy to fix a liner – a professional can identify the leak and correct it, and the cost of such a repair is considerably lower than it is for resetting a liner or having the pool re-dug if the walls collapse.

To get the maximum life out of vinyl liner pools, owners should approach the use of chemicals carefully. Undiluted granular chemicals should never be added directly to the pool, because they’ll sink to the bottom and bleach out the vinyl, weakening it.

Of course, there may come a day when you simply have to replace your liner. The good news is that when the time comes, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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