What Steps Does a Pool Builder in Overland Park, Kansas, follow for Fiberglass Pool Installations?

Fiberglass pools are quite popular. Although the steps involved for fiberglass pool installations are not overly difficult, a professional pool builder should handle the job. This ensures an optimal outcome for Overland Park, Kansas, residents.

  • Pool Order and Delivery – Fiberglass pools are prefabricated off-site. The first step is the Overland Park, Kansas, homeowner choosing the size and shape of the pool and having it delivered.
  • Laying the Groundwork – The builder lays out the groundwork for the depth, width, and length to dig, accounting for any lighting or landscaping around the perimeter.
  • Excavation – The hole for the pool is dug. The builder will frequently check the hole’s levels to ensure the shell will fit snugly inside.
  • Floor Setting – A bed of sand is placed on the floor as the pool’s base, followed by setting up screed bars as guides for the slope.
  • Pool Placement – A crane carefully lifts and sets the fiberglass shell inside of the hole. The pool is then leveled before backfilling.
  • Backfilling and Filling the Pool – The backfill consists of crusher dust, gravel, or sand mixed with 10 percent cement for optimal stability. While this is added around the pool’s edges, the shell is filled with water added stability and equal pressure.
  • Plumbing – For fiberglass pool installations, some Overland Park, Kansas, pool builders do the plumbing, which includes fitting a skimmer box to the deep end and then running PVC pipe to the filtration system. From there, the salt chlorinator and pump filter are set and the piping returned to the shallow end using two return jets. If necessary, a licensed plumber will do the job.
  • Reinforcement and Paving – To serve as a mechanical lock, a beam of concrete is poured around the pool. Next, pavers are glued securely to the top portion of the beam. To enhance the appearance, coping is installed and the deck completed.