The Most Sought After Pool Design for Overland Park, KS, Hotels

With competition between Overland Park, KS, hotels at an all-time high, some have taken on major renovations, with the swimming pool being at the top of the list. Although there are many unique pool design options, one in particular stands out. This design is gorgeous, functional, and enticing to guests. Not only is it stunning, but considering that summers in Overland Park are hot and humid, it offers a refreshing way to cool down.

The number one swimming pool design for Overland Park, KS, hotels is actually multifaceted. What you will find is that many hotels try to create a resort-type outside environment where guests have the opportunity to escape the responsibilities of daily life, even for a short time. This stunning design includes a cascading waterfall, rock grotto, and built-in slide. This pool design makes people want to stay at the hotel as long as possible. In fact, some guests extend their visits so that they can enjoy more time around the pool and in the water.

Some hotel owners are getting even more creative, taking the multifaceted pool design to a new level. For that reason, it will not be surprising to see hotels in Overland Park, KS, become more lavish this year or next.

Today, pool builders can create virtually anything, which opens the doors of opportunity for hotel owners. For example, a trend that will likely hit this part of the country soon is the multi-level pool design. With this, one level might consist of a freeform swimming area, which steps down to a wading pool for small children or perhaps a special place with a concrete swim-up bar and stools for adults. What makes the multi-level pool so intriguing is that it accommodates an entire family yet offers distinct levels according to age and interest.