Pool Repairs: What Should a Homeowner Leave to a Professional?

Professional pool builders often go to customers’ residences to fix something the homeowners tried to repair but without success. When it comes to pool repairs, there are some things an individual can do. However, it is essential to learn which fixes a professional should handle.

As a good rule of thumb, homeowners should focus more on upkeep than making pool repairs. What may seem like a simple task can turn into a disaster with one misstep. Keep in mind, when a homeowner follows a schedule for cleaning and maintenance, there is less risk of something going wrong with the pool’s filter, pump, circulating system, and other major components.


The following are some examples of pool repairs that only a licensed and skilled expert should handle.


  • Equipment – With several moving and electrical components, homeowners should let a professional take care of any pool repairs that have to do with the pump and motor. If a person notices a strange noise, sees a leak, or spots rust on or around the equipment, it takes a trained expert to fix the problem.
  • Plumbing – Homeowners should also contact a reputable company for any needed repairs to the plumbing. Remember, for this type of issue you would not hire a conventional plumber, but instead, an expert from a reputable pool building company.


  • Plastering or Liner Issues – Both replastering and installing a new liner are not tasks a homeowner should try to do. For these and other similar projects, there is a lot more work and expertise required than what most people imagine.


  • Winter Service – Especially in a place like Overland Park, Kansas, where winters are cold and snowy, it is critical for homeowners to prepare their pools ahead of time. By contacting a professional pool builder, a representative will visit the home to perform an inspection, and make any necessary pool repairs before closing things down for the winter.


  • Landscape Lighting – Many people have no idea that pool companies also install decking, trees and plants, and landscape lighting. Among the most common pool repairs, needing a lighting system fixed ranks high on the list.