Cool Landscaping Ideas That Require Little Maintenance

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood to see houses with gorgeous landscaping only to wish that your home looked that good? Well, it can. In fact, you can choose from a host of cool landscaping ideas for your Overland Park, KS, home that not only look incredible but are also low maintenance.

For your enjoyment and to enhance curb appeal, a lush green lawn, blooming flowers, and green plants are perfect. However, with a busy schedule, you cannot dedicate a lot of time to keeping the landscaping looking its best. With low-maintenance plants, your yard will remain beautiful even without constant pampering.

  • Drought Resistant – Although Overland Park, KS, receives an ample amount of both rain and snow, during dry summers, it also experiences drought conditions. In addition to beautiful vegetation, plants that can go without a lot of water will reduce your monthly utility bill. Things like ornamental grasses and succulents are perfect.
  • Regional Choices – Another excellent tip for your Overland Park, KS, home is to choose plants that are popular throughout the region. Daylilies, switchgrass, and catmint are just a few possibilities. Because these and other plants grow best in Kansas, they require little maintenance.
  • Contrasting Color – You can make your home pop by using landscaping plants that produce blooms of contrasting color. Low-maintenance plants, like geraniums and carnations, make excellent additions. 
  • Outdoor Living Space – If you want to enhance an open patio or pool area, use ground covering plants to create a design around the perimeter. A little bit of weeding is all you need to keep the area gorgeous.
  • Rock Garden – Although you might think of someone in Arizona rather than Overland Park, KS, having a rock garden, this is a viable landscaping option. For a touch of color, you can add succulents in between some of the rocks. Even a few rose bushes scattered here and there are stunning yet easy to maintain.